Violated! October, 1974 – 1975

Tuscon, 2-28-75

Continuing with the Feel Sleazy entertainment, I was always trying to see where a film like Violated! was playing. Directed by Albert Zugsmith, his final film, this Rene Bond sex and shock flick only saw a few screens before fading out on the Last Run as The Hollywood Ripper and reportedly the Rapist. Fanfare, a company in it’s last days which promoted a re-rated Run Angel Run as a PG movie, was following on the sleaze bandwagon with something that looks very sinister but obviously were not feeling too ready to head down that way with a low-profile release. It might have been too good or not too good, I hope to find out as soon as I possibly can.


5-23-75, Burlington, NC at the Twin.


4-11-75, Daytona Beach, FLA


11-1-75, Lansing, MI


10-3-74, Chicago – This early showing as the B to Behind the Door at the Sky Hi DI showed that Fanfare was not seriously behind the film at first.


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