Rare, Wild, and Weird in Detroit! More Motor City Flick Madness Screen 13 Style


1-14-66 – Not to be confused with the Gem that’s still standing at 333 W. Madison, this Gem is no longer around. This was one of the very few decent sized ads before it went to the normal smaller style usually in connection with other theaters in the Metro Detroit area. By 1972, it turned into one of the few Panascope 35 theaters which did not last very long.

3-24-72 – It might have had a wide screen, but as you can tell it showed films that were in classic 4:3 form and already out of date by that time.


8-18-72 – A familiar sight in Something Weird Video galleries, Mondo Erotica played the Atlas, Mel, and Trans Lux Krim. By 1974, the Atlas was one of the Las Vegas Entertainment screens, the Mel would be one of the few suburban Adult theaters to last into The 80’s, and the Krim would be doubled and last a little longer than the Mel.

2-2-66 – Believe it! All Men Are Apes played the Fox!


9-28-66 – Max Pecas’ Five Wild Girls – officially known as Five Wild Kids! – played the Gem, Capri (Eastpointe), and Harbor (Ecorse). I love where they stuck the Adults Only!

1-18-67 – A return engagement om the Metro Detroit area happened at the Oakdale.

detroit-1966-5-18-66-mondo-olga5-18-66 – Mondo Oscenita was more of a collection of clips from American Films Distribution than a Documentary, but that’s cool considering that the films it had. Nice mention of Olympic International’s Mondo Freudo, which was already doing well in some areas.


7-22-66 – The Cambist release of The Unsatisfied plays the Variety and Oakdale. The later, an Hazel Park theater is sadly only to be remembered by some Weirdos as it closed up around 1967, issoing out on that Twilight Time of Adult’s move to Porno.

detroit-9-7-66-banned9-7-66 – The Gem shows CIP’s release of The Girl from S.I.N. and Banned.


detroit-5-26-67-swv5-26-67 – Bill Grefe’s classic double bill played the Fox!

10-25-68 – I, the Marquis de Sade was one of the many films that used the controversial writer/sexual philosopher  as a selling point for some slightly risky for their time Adult films of the day which had hardly anything to do with his works Scare Their Pants Off was a New York Kinky/Roughie that was paired with Satan’s Bed on DVD.


12-11-68 – Detroit was one of the first markets outside of LA to meet Mama Lupo! Invitation to Ruin remains one of the most WTF experiences.


~ by screen13 on February 16, 2017.

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