In YOUR BED at the Autolodge, 1972

la-11-21-73-autolounge-experience11-21-72 – This second ad for the Autolodge Motel soon to be The Experience is too cool to pass up. The first ad for the Autolodge’s turn to Adult Entertainment was a word-only and modest affair, but this seriously brings you in…and “In YOUR BED!”  This would later be renamed the Experience and would be one of the first of it’s kind. Attorney Don Leon thought of the idea in after reading a report on hotels in Japan and thought it would work well in The States resulting in an under-performing place to go with this concept – I also heard that Leon was involved in Film Distribution not least being the head of Leon Films which worked more in the Mainstream Exploitation side of the industry. The films would be put on U-Matic cartridges, and sent to the hotels and motels carrying the entertainment in the days before VHS, Cable, and Satellite took over and the mountain of films released by companies like Stacey Distribution (including two Ed Wood films) and Cosmos Films, some companies having West and East Coast connections, and some reported unauthorized tapes had no problem filling the screens.

Leon Film Enterprises worked business with a number of Al Zugsmith films including getting an R Rating for Sappho Darling as well as try to break into the mainstream with Head On and Watch Out for the Bummer with PG Ratings in 1971.


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