Rocking at The Troc Burlesk – Screen 13 Gets “On With the Show”



First, it’s time to seriously apologize for the long quiet this blog has had through the last month. Let’s just say that I felt like I seriously need to do some more research to make sure things are moving in the right direction, look through and organize my files, and even go into some other interests that just might show up on another Blog I’m planning to revive. Pretentiously, it was a time to do some “Soul Searching”, but really it had to be a time to rest and reflect on different things including what has been happening around the world. Personal, Political (these days, you can’t help but find out your opinions), and everything else, so many thoughts collided and it was not the best time to keep blogging.

I’m sure that would have been a bit on the turgid side for you, so I left things alone to see where things stood. Sometimes you have to take these vacations while planning your next step.

The Good News: I have returned as the same insane Blogger of demented films, crazy ads, and flipped out flicks. It’s still Lo-Fi and proud of it!

Here’s some ads from the Troc, short for Trocadero, in Philadelphia when it was the Burlesque place that featured all kinds of dancers with funny names just to warm up the “Post New Blog” section one more time. The building is still alive and kicking as a concert place, but The Scene will always remember it for these great sleazy and silly ads.

In 1973, the building was listed as a Historical Place while some of this great stuff was happening, but those days were over after a while and it was decided to move into longer lasting entertainment to live up to that distinction which led to a good Post-Exploitation life. In 1982, The Pennsylvania Opera Theater was hosting shows and it turned into a concert venue in 1986 – some of you might remember that Lamb of God recorded Killadelphia and Tesla recorded their hit version of “Signs” there as well, among many well-remembered events. Still, as memorable as recent events are, you still have to admit that these ads bring back a sexier time.

As I write this, the Metal legends Overkill are playing the stage. Somehow I can imagine someone like Eartha Quake whipping up a special stage show to go with that.




philadelphia-4-23-71-troc4-23-71 – Thankfully NOT G. G. Allin!!!



For those who were not around, you will get it after watching this. They seriously don’t make them like this anymore…

philadelphia-3-23-733-23-73 .

On with the show!


~ by screen13 on February 15, 2017.

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