Six She’s and a He – Screen 13 goes on a Time Trip with the Love Goddesses of Blood Island and survives!

6-13-65, North Miami, FLA – The world of Richard S. Flink’s Florida-made wonder Six She’s and a He boggled my mind when I first saw a part of it as a bonus of the Death Curse of Tartu/Sting of Death disc years after reading a bit about it in the AFI Catalog which started my look into all of this madness.This twisted blend of Blood and Burlesque about a stranded soldier on an island of vicious but cute women starring Bill Rogers (A Taste of Blood and the voice on any K. Gordon Murray presentations and trailers) and some very good looking women (led by Launa Hodges) was a clash between Blood Feast-level gore and a exotic stage show with seriously bad music that will linger on in your memories was a tough sell on it’s first runs Distributed by Sidney J. Reich’s Dominant Pictures, an occasional sight at Adult movie theaters by the Late 60’s, and then as a curious bottom-of-the-bill presence during the Mid-70’s. The kind of release it took was more like a sporadic hit-and-run: hitting a screen at random, making the viewers go “DAFAQ?!!!” while looking at the vicious beauties, and running onto the next town it was booked, although I’m sure it was programmed by those in the know about the mad appeal of this film by it’s later showings.

Until someone had the smarts to program it with HG Lewis’ classic Blood Trilogy films, this played some of the most head-turning double features at a Drive In, some featuring very amusing and interesting choices for the B. Although this was reported in the AFI books as being also distributed through Wheeler Films, it’s connection to Dominant, home to Lewis’ The Blast Off Girls and The Girl, the Body, and The Pill, was sealed solid forever. Thankfully, Something Weird Video knew what to do when it came across this title to keep it living and show future audiences just how jaw-dropping this film is.  I love it!


1-31-65, Hollywood, SC – One of the first ads I have found so far, playing with a Bardot film.Wicked and Wonderful might be Plucking the Daisy or Doctor at Sea with the one and only “Wicked and Wonderful” Brigitte Bardot (and “Wonderful” is correct!). Plucking… was also known as Mademoiselle Striptease, Co-Written by Roger Vadim, directed by Marc Allegert, played as an French Import called Please, Mr. Balzac, and Distributed in it’s first US run by DCA (Plan 9 from Outer Space). Whew!

While doctor at Sea would have been more of a logical fit, I have a feeling that it’s this…and I hope I’m guessing right!


3-5-65, Anniston – A Kissing Station was used as a gimmick. Knowing what people did in their cars, it was not even needed.  The B, Ensign Pulver, was a little more fitting, but not as tempting as a Bardot film.


3-14-65, North Miami – At the Boulevard with Shock Corridor.

3-12-65, Greenwood, SC – Another flip flop show with I’d Rather Be Rich.

Pelham, NC –  The South was the right kind of screen to play Six She’s and a He along with any good flick with a striptease moment.


10-29-65 – Believe it or not, the “She’s and a He” went west to the Lyric, Sunset, and Park screens as the grammatically correct Six Women and a Man as a “Stark Bold Shocking Preview”! socking was the right word for that. It’s B was The Young Go Wild with Peter van Eyck and Christian Wolff originally released in 1959 in Germany.


11-5-65, Burlington, NC – Now hitting the theaters it was meant to play in, the Circle G with two tales of tease (including the Fanny Hill Directed by Russ Meyer and Albert Zugsmith, Six She’s, and a He! the Circle G would turn full Adult by the Early 70’s.


1-7-66, Kingsport, TN – A look at the listings for future Marbro shows included Six She’s with Young and Evil, a re-title of Cry of the Bewitched, which proved to be a very good fit. Take note of “Wicked and Wonderful” as the B on that night for The Wacky Playboy as well as Satan in high Heels with Jungle Street Girls in the listings. They have heaters!


10-21-66, Kannapolis, NC -with a name like the Starlite Drive In, you have to have the kind of flicks that live up to such a name, and this show seriously has them! Not only is Six She’s with the all  might Two Thousand Maniacs! and Blood Feast, Return of the Fly was also on the bill. I seriously wonder if they got into any trouble with the “Bugger Man”, which sounds more like a Peeper Man considering the show.


8-11-66, Burlington – I don’t know who did the re-title to Kiss Me Bloody, but that person should win some kind of an award for Best Re-title. Knowing the popularity of HG Lewis’ gore class-sicks, they had an angle to promote the film with, although I think that if Herschell Gordon Lewis or David F. Friedman saw it, that “Shocked” would be more like “shockingly BAD”. At least the B was The Skull and it was still Mature Adults Only.


7-15-67, Burlington, NC – Under the title of Kiss Me Bloody, Six She’s… played with the Gore Trilogy. A perfect fit!


10-15-67, Salt Lake City – Shocker seems to be the right word for this movie, although back then the “Girl running away from her father into a sordid and seedy story” plot of Young, Willing, and Eager was also an eye-opener (today, it’s more like “been there/done that/post online”).

Here, Jess Conrad just poses with a guitar as he lip syncs in this clip from the B reportedly featuring The Dave Clark 5 before their 1960’s fame and fortune.


11-1-68, Fresno – At the Paris, this was a stand-alone, which could also mean the number of fans after this left the city.


6-26-68, Phoenix – The Portafino used truth in advertising to bring them in with The Surprise Movie of the Month! More like one of the WTF movies of your life, but it’s close enough without getting censored from the editor.


5-8-69, Long Beach – The Star was in the line of Bottom-of-the-chain theaters with small ads and normally playing the low-end of the Adult Movie scene with a few class films here and there. This time, however, there’s The Scissor Girls and Six She’s and a He…I’m there!


3-1-69, Pittsburgh and…


3-19-69, Kitanning, PA – the remaining life Six She’s and a He had in it’s cinematic lifetime was as a B to Women and Temptation starring the legendary Isabel Sarli (Fuego and numerous other films). It’s another clash, but what a clash!


10-24-69, Akron – A cool double bill at the Astor with Oliver Drake’s Ride a Wild Stud as the B. Drake turned to Sexploitation as Revilo Ekard at the end of his long career, but at least Ride a Wild Stud enjoyed a small success on the skin flick circuit.


7-8-70, Uniontown, PA – In a serious case of throwing anything on the screen (or maybe not getting The Wild Bunch), here’s the re-release of Girl on a Motorcycle as Naked Under Leather starring Marianne Faithfull in all of her hot 60’s look and Death Dummy with the Love Goddesses. A match made…on a wonderful drunk night, perhaps!


9-3-71, Cumberland, MD – The Six She’s, a He, and Sarli were found at the Super 51 for the Midnight Adults Only show.


1-4-74, Carmichaels, PA – Heading to the end, the Love Goddesses were with the Full Time Females and Part Time Virgins on Friday and Saturday.


2-3-74, Frederick, MD (Baltimore area) – A Sunday showing of the Six She’s, the He, and Sarli was made into a triple with Marsha Jordan in Infrasexum!


1-3-75, Belle Vernon, PA (Pittsburgh paper) – The ad that started it all for me! Six She’s ad a He played with Mac Ahlberg’s Around the World with Fanny Hill and Sean S. Cunningham and Brud Talbot’s Case of the Full Moon Murders at the Super 71.


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