Mitam Mania – Sordid Sleaze for the Sick Set: Various ads, Part One: 1966


2-10-66, Akron – Tortured Females, the only Roughie with a :Half-witted, monkey-chattering, Mongolian Hunchback”, appears at the Astor with an ad that obviously looks like that pasted the ad mat over something from the LA times. Obviously doing their homework!

It’s time to get into the super 60’s sleaze featuring the ads of Mitam, a company that had a long line of down and dirty lowdown Smut ads for their films which played many skin flick joints and down-for-the-last-count theaters. Something Weird Video fans know this company for unleashing Tortured Females, the trailer for The House of Cats (Still want to see that!), and Private Arrangement with Uschi Digart, but most of their films were lost over the years resulting in some wondering what the rest of their Sexploitation films were like. You would never believe that it would try to go mainstream in the Early 70’s by jumping on the Philippine Horror bandwagon with The Thirsty Dead, although in the end it got picked up by International Amusements, but it happened.


2-18-66, Strand Theater, Kansas City with Once Upon a Night and the must-see Go Go Girl Revue.


4-6-66, Highland Park and Inkster, MI at the Paris and Melody with the Troy Donahue/Doris Day comedy Palm Springs Weekend! Now that’s quite a mix!


1-21-66, Fresno, CA at the Paris with a newsreel and a cartoon.


12-17-66, San Antonio, TX at the Prince which closed in 1969. The B was Just Once More, which was kind of a Swedish version of a JD Girl flick which wound up on many Aadults Only screens.

8-17-66, Detroit at the Art and Guild theaters – The House of Cats seriously clashed with Brigitte Bardot as Agent 38-24-36 with Anthony Perkins, but that was the way they programmed them.

9-2-66, Wilmington, Delaware at the Capri, which I think closed around 1970.


9-29-66, Akron at the Astor


10-21-66, Kansas City at the Strand with Nick Millard’s The Erotic Mr. Rose

12-14-66, Eastpointe (Detroit area) and Ecorse, MI at the Capri and Harbor – The House of Cats returns to the Motor City at the same time the Downtown Gem Art was showing the infamous Ravaged.

10-5-66, Deastpointe and Ecorse – Satan’s Mistress under the title of Satan’s Den hits the Capri and Harbor with the “forbidden” (at the time) world of love in Strange Loves, a 1963 film with William Koenig which fit the Art portion of the program.


10-8-66, A smaller ad for the Detroit area showing.


11-19-66, San Antonio – With the William Mishkin presentation of Pleasures and Vices, an imported film from France with Viviane Romance and Maurice Ronet (original title Gueule d’ange).


9-9-66, Wilmington, Delaware, Male Service hits the Capri.


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