Jerry Warren’s Teenage Zombies turns into “Teenage Torture” – 1975/6

Many thanks to Jamie Teel and Howie Pyro for the messages, Teenage Torture was a Late 70’s release of Jerry Warren’s Teenage Zombies, which explains the G in the Camp Bowie DI ad in the last post – you knew that I was thinking more European as it was The Late 70’s with a title like that as it was the era of a lot of re-titled films. We can only thank (or blame) a company called Orrin Pictures for this.

This crazy 1959 flick must have been difficult to book at many places in 1975 and 6 with an Adult Movie sounding name, but it actually had a few showings. A Drive In with the skills would play it with a couple of classic films with ease, although most programmers could have skipped a classic school Sci-Fi brain fry with that title as it would have been better off used with some X-Rated happening, a Hallmark Release (The company that reminded you that “It’s only a movie”!), or a Group 1 release that was “Banned In (put number here) Countries”.


11-10-76, Jackson, Miss. as the B to Gus…that’s not a Photoshop, but the real deal. Seriously love the ? after the title. I can see someone might be thinking Audience Torture! Something Weird Video fans might want to check out screen 1 with Bummer!

Orrin Pictures was not really well known outside of the industry, but it has a small place in Late 70’s Exploitation/Last Run Drive In history. It reportedly carried The Electric Chair, another Something Weird Video favorite, and it has been said that they picked up Ralf Olsen’s Uneasy Summer and calling it Trip With the Devil (not to be confused with Crown International’s Trip With the Teacher, of course…Ha! Ha!).


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  1. shoulda thrown in the wild poster I sent ya…

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