A Quick One – Teenage Torture, Tortured Females, and a couple of other things


Many thanks to Howie Pyro for sending in this seriously delicious ad art for the re-issue of Jerry Warren’s Teenage Zombies as Teenage Torture!


11-9-76, NYC – This is a long stretch of speculation, but I’m still wondering if someone saw “Teenage Torture” to change the working title of Sardu,  Master of the Screaming Virgins to The Incredible Torture Show – maybe not, but hey, it’s worth a post. Still, both had captive girls…


7-23-71, Des Moines – A classy Woman in Distress pose for the AIP release of Murders in the Rue Morgue


4-25-75, Detroit – Detroit’s showing of Jose Luis Merino’s the Hanging Woman had the lurid story look down right.

4-26-67, Detroit – Tortured Females was a Mitam film which featured some pretty sleazy and weird characters including a Mongolian Hunchback…still “Chained by infamy?”Who cares it read good. It’s a true sleaze scene, but it had a drop of Horror…only just.


8-12-66, Toledo – Wonder what that “Second Big Hit” was judging from the ad.


3-22-61, Freeport, TX


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