Classic Horror and Science Fiction Madness through the 70’s – Part One

1-8-71, San Antonio – the Realart re-release of the Universal Horror classics with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi kept playing here and there with this showing promoted with classic ad art.

Right now, I’m in the mood to dive through some showings of classic Horror and Science Fiction films that possibly united the Cinema Ghouls, Fiends, and Freaks of The 70’s who wanted their nights out away from the TV. Although it was a time for classic Exploitation and Sexploitation, there were a lot of us who wanted our Monster Mashes, Scary Monsters, and Super Creeps of a time long gone (you knew I was going to say that!). These films were made to be seen on the big screen, especially with friends (or was that fellow fiends?) who immediately  loved the opening theme of The Rocky Horror Picture Show when they got the chance to see it on it’s first run,


10-13-72, Kansas City – Three cinemas participate in a great classic Frankenstein feast focusing on classic Hammer Horrors.


4-13-73, Spokane – Although no titles are in this pretty cool theater-made ad, it looks like that there were some classics in the Friday the 13’th spectacular at the NGC Fox. The PG for Positively Gruesome was a nice touch, and it was the time when films with that rating had more “Bite” to them!


5-2-75, Chicago area – I wonder if a future Punk scene met up at these shows.


7-4-75, Brownwood, TX – This word-only ad might have spoke about the theater’s budget, but also it’s willingness to bring in some customers. Giorgio Ferroni’s Mill of the Stone Women (released in the US in 1960 through Parade Releasing Organization) is great while Beast of Paradise Island was a 1953 film also known as Port Sinister. Now about that “Teenage Torture”…Humm…


10-31-75, Spokane – A Halloween show at the Auto-View using ad art from The Sinful Dwarf plays four flicks featuring two Hammers – The Devil Rides Out under it’s US “Devil’s Bride” title and Taste the Blood of Dracula. I Was a Teenage Werewolf featuring Michael Landon is a great campy vintage classic which was best viewed at a Drive In.


10-3-75, Albuquerque – The Encore Cinema was once a Mini-Vue located near the still-standing Guild that turned it’s programming from XXX to Classics. It looked like the chain of small Porno theaters (Storefronts, I’m convinced) had ran into some trouble including one in Alamogordo, NM after seeing the changes a couple of them went through the Early 70’s. Thankfully, it showed some quality films including The Day the Earth Stood Still, which must have brought in the few in the area who bought Ringo Starr’s Goodnight Vienna.


6-27-75 – The Encore’s showing of Forbidden Planet was paired off with The Day the Earth Stood Still. The Encore had a good thing going!


6-10-77, Brownsville, TX – Another showing of the great Dr. Mabuse films as reported about earlier.


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  1. TEENAGE TORTURE is a re release title for TEENAGE ZOMBIES. I have seen a trailer for it under that title

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