50 Years Ago This Month in Akron – January, 1967


1-13-67, Akron – Olympic International’s release of Hentai plays the Astor, which was a leading screen in the Akron area for the Sex Set in the Pre-Porno days. Bob Cresse knew how to sell his films, and the more sordid the better.

It’s time look at what happened 50 years ago this month, setting the controls for the Rubber City. Akron has been a place of interest for The Scene with its Drive Ins with plenty of Exploitation and Sexploitation, the Astor (now a parking lot…sorry), and the Art Theater which was showing Georgy Girl at the time: it is a good film, but one I’ll save for a Swinging 60’s Flick post.


12-30-66 – Before I move back to the remainder of Jan. 1967, a mention of the class-sick Mondo Bizarro should be mentioned as well. Starting on the 31’st, this was a pretty cool way to ring in the New Year for Astor customers.


1-6-67 – The Mondo Triple Shocker show at the Gala was a great way to program a night at the Drive In. It was a tradition that the wildest Horrors, Sexploitation films, and freak flicks played to keep the ozoners open, especially in a time when there was no other way to see them back in the day – as shown with the other Gala ad in this story. Who knows, maybe these were the shows that brought the outcasts of the area together.


1-6-67, The Astor was showing the I.R.M.I. LSD flick and Dale Berry’s Hot Bed of Sin starting on the 7’th.


1-6-67 – The Touch of Flesh was the 1960 Abortion Drama better known as You Ruined Me, Eddie and played the Starlight Drive In – one of the area’s first DIs which was opened for a long time until it’s closing in 1983. Intimacy was the Jack Ging film centering on Blackmail that was originally released by Goldstone and is now with Warner Movies on Demand.


1-13-67 – The Gala was showing The Gutter Girls, one of two US titles for the cool Pre-Beatles Brit Teen Drama that was shown through though the Sexploitation and Drive In circuits through the Mid Mod 60’s. The Mondo Shockumentary Slave Trade in the World and Whit Boyd’s Party Girls rounded up the night.The lead film might have been a little outdated to those who claimed to be in the hip (and the killer cheese-a-rific song here was a true product of it’s time), but it was surrounded by excellent acting and sharp production.


1-13-67 – Werner Klingler’s version of Fritz Lang’s The Terror of Dr. Mabuse was with The invisible Dr. Mabuse in thir re-titled Double Bill with a seriously cool ad. Thunder Pictures also released Larry Buchanan’s High Yellow. The Summit DI and the Forum Theater were centering on creature features through Early ’67 to keep their cash registers ringing for a couple of weeks. Terror of the Mad Doctor would actually a number of dates at Drive Ins and Matinees through The 70’s!


1-20-67 – The Astor showed Russ Meyer’s Mondo topless, a film that picked up the career of Russ Meyer after a reportedly disappointing run with the classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (which played for three weeks in Detroit).


1-27-67 – Rasputin, the Mad Monk and The Reptile was a popular Hammer double feature released by Twentieth Century Fox in the US which played very well through 66-67 with a cool gimmick – although I wonder if it was used at this showing.

Leaving you with a couple of songs that were getting noticed around this time.

Bo Diddley’s “Ooh Baby” was hovering around the lower reaches of the Top 100 to make it to #88 in Billboard during February, but it seriously deserved better.

The McCoys, from Union City, Indiana, might have been sliding down in the charts, but they were still making great music. “I Got to Go Back” slid up to #70.

The Rolling Stones’ classic “Let’s Spend the Night Together” had no problems with Ready Steady Go as this clip shows. Hitting US #1 in March, this must have been the lips of many a Drive In customer (or Sleaze Pit Sinner) when it exploded onto the scene.


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