A Quick One – Unholy Matrimony’s Cool Monica Ad

1-27-67, LA -Looking through the LA ads of Jan. 1967, I noticed this standout theater-made ad for Unholy Matrimony, which was usually promoted like this…


6-9-67, Lubbock, TX at the Continental Cinema .

Or sometimes like this…

philadelphia-4-7-67-studio4-7-67, Philadelphia, at the Studio, a leading screen for the Sex Set at the time.

Or this…


7-19-67, Detroit with a censored ad

Although the Monica ad had some “Bite” to it, most of the ads should have just went for something like this!

Uta Erickson is the one with the whip!


A DVD with My Third Wife George shows it to be a rather good flick and nothing too wild, but there are a couple of cool scenes that will get it noticed by the completest focusing on Uta imagined as a sadistic cowgirl during an LSD trip – a small part of the film that turned into the focus in the advertising.The story surrounds a reporter (Allan Delay) investigating a blackmailing Wife Swapping ring that leads to meeting a couple who use LSD – played by Erickson and someone found in a few Barry Mahon films – and a chase scene when they get found out by the well-to-do husband of that couple.


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