The Scene is Back…Because of The Cats (Dream On, Screen)! A Small Update to Start the New Year

11-9-75, Anniston – A rare finding of a tasty ad for Because of the Cats, about an investigation on a group of toughs who rape and pillage, the female gang they interact with, and  finding out the real leader of the troubles. The ad for this once-X-Rated film (cut for an R) is possibly obscuring the original rating and was honest in not hyping Sylvia Krystal’s appearance – the under-rated Bryan Marshall is the real star of the show. In The US, it was Distributed through International Coproductions who billed it with other films under it’s wing including the Hammer Cult Classic Demons of the Mind in this show (Demons… was most known in the Drive In market as a co-feature with Fear in the Night) and was reportedly picked up by Joseph Brenner although my notes from reading Boxoffice Magazine have it connected with Carl Decker Films from a 6/75 Booking Guide date, a 12/75 Cinemation date which could have fell through, and a 7/78 date with Caribbean Films West.

Although this had a very small release that saw it play only a few areas in The US, it has a small cult following today as it is a good and slightly saucy flick with cool 70’s Amsterdam settings, good acting, and the opening scenes.

Just to let you know, I would like to thank you for visiting this Blog during my time away from posting – mainly it has been due to resting, reading, and family happenings, but also trying to get things together so that this can go further. I seriously hope that this entertains and brings together some interesting pieces of information, excellent ads, and some interesting playdates while maybe bringing back some memories or making the reader wish for a time machine to see these films as they were intended to be seen.

Those who love the history of Something Weird Video, which is a major focus on this blog, will need a time machine to see the following…


11-7-75, Anniston – A small ad for The Mermaid, the film much talked about by David F. Friedman fans for being the lost film Directed by Danny Martin (the “Ronnie Runningboard” of Space Thing) that was said to be so bad. Although it reportedly had a very small run with a low number of prints floating around, I can imagine the appearance of Rene Bond being the eye grabber who gave it at least a here and there theatrical (OK, make that lower end theatrical) life before it got “Lost”. I’m still wondering if all of the prints were buried instead. Here, this and Roadside Service was the double bill played through the weekend before Because of the Cats took over on Sunday.


11-13-63, Detroit – I have been returning to my part of the US by looking through ads from the Detroit area, especially those from the 60’s. as you can tell by the co-features, the theaters were still throwing more mainstream flicks to ensure a strong audience. The ad had some “Back” to it!



Two from Detroit, 11-20-63. You know more is planned to be shown soon!


10-11-72, Philadelphia – My research adventures have been going through the cool history of Philadelphia, but here’s a title I have just started to look into although this was a video rental favorite way back in the day. David E. Durston will always be remembered for I Drink Your Blood, but Stigma should be checked out by 70’s exploitation fans as well. Look for Cousin Brucie in a “White Coater” bit!


5-10-75, Lakeworth, FLA – This hardly used ad for Poor Pretty Eddie was a cool find and a part of my interest in Florida’s Drive In scene. the film was played a bit in the South and was better known when it turned into Redneck County and Black Vengeance in later runs, most notably through Group 1 in the Late 70’s. .


8-6-75, high Point – This update on Last Stop in the Night Train – better known in later runs as Last House-Part 2 – is a nice catch combined with Madhouse. I feature the Night Train in previous posts, so it’s time to move the spotlight on the one and only Vincent Price.


10-19-73, Bessemer City, NC – Any sighting of Blood Freak makes me all too happy. When a DI pairs it with a Al Adamson flick and Hammer’s classic The Horror of Dracula featuring Christopher Lee, it’s true ozoner greatness.

I hope you enjoy the continuing adventures of The Scene of Screen 13 this year.


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