Sin and Skin in The Art Zone


Akron, 12-1-70 – Arne Mattsson’s sexy shocker Morianna appears as I, The Body – a clever way to re-title a film following the success of I, a Woman. The ad lilne also threw inthe then-hip mention of de Sade to bring in the “Curious” (wait, that word wold be the one to use two years later!). It appeared under it’s original name in LA…


2-10-67, LA

The co-feature in LA at it’s Art Theater Guild screen was possibly this…

It’s time to venture into The Art Zone, filled with flicks of the Pre-Porno era that dived into areas which were deemed dangerous and forbidden to go into and a style that brought in the audiences who were looking for something more spicy. Many of the theaters that showed these films would turn into Nudie ad Adult theaters with several moving into the Porno scene by the 70’s, seen as the places your parents warned you about.


6-25-65, Burlington – The Circle G was a perfect place to play the spicy flicks


5-6-70, Detroit – Only a couple of years before the Krim turned full Porno.

1-22-65, LA – A classic Art Theater Guild showing of the legendary Scorpio Rising and Freaks!


3-17-67 and 3-24-67, LA


6-4-65, LA – The Toho La Brea is seriously getting researched on for a later article.


12-21-61, LA – The Third Sex was a film that barely played due to it’s very controversial LGBT-related subject matter which wold have made it been rejected for showing in many areas of The US at the time.


3-19-65, Philadelphia – Nazi Exploitation had a start in this dramatic film Goosestepping into the Studio before it focused on Nudies and Roughies…


4-3-64, Bridgeport – Radley Metzger’s presentation of Soft Skin on Black silk was a hit. Following it on Tuesday was a Joe Sarno classic.


11-8-63, Chicago – Thomas Dowd’s Capri Theater was technically an Arthouse which was moving into the Nudie scene.


8-10-62 – A more subdued ad for the Amorous Ones.

10-4-57, Miami


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