Jean Rollin – EuroHorror Research Update in Ottawa and Ohio (with A Taste of Hell)

9-27-74, Ottawa  – It’s always great when I look through the Canadian advertisements to find some cool shows. This Jean Rollin double feature hits the Airport DI in the Ottawa, owned by Twinex/20’th Century (no relation, I’m sure). With the Nude Vampire distributed by New World-Mutual in Canada while Ambassador had Requiem for a Vampire, this is seriously on my must-research list. the later title was known in the US for a long time as Caged Virgins, Crazed Vampire, or Virgins and Vampires depending on the run.


11-26-77, Zanesville, OH – The Boxoffice International triple plays were an easy pick for Drive Ins to fill up the screens. Reportedly on US 22 south of the city, the DI which housed 350 had this showing of “Crazed Vampire” along with Charles Romine’s Behind Locked Doors (once known as Any Body…Any Way) and the made in the Philippines flick A Taste of Hell.


11-18-77, Akron – The triple play was also shown at the Gala and Ascot Twin DIs.

These two clips from A Taste of Hell feature Vic Diaz, one of the greatest actors in these films.


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