The Bird with the Crystal Plumage – The Screen 13 Road Trip Finds Out Why This “Bird” is the Word! Part One


9-18-70, Bridgeport, Conn. – After opening in NYC in June, 1970, Dario Argento’s Bird with the Crystal Plumage played several US dates, mainly in Late 1970 before teaming off with the company’s other hit Horror, The Night Visitor. The effective gaillo Thriller that brought the Director some Stateside notice as well as a major step forward in the genre’s popularity. It’s US Distribution was through Universal-Marion which had no relation to Universal, but had connections with Peppercorn Wormser in it’s short life in film history and had offices in Florida and reportedly had an office in the Soho district of London.

The top ad was the one featured on a cover of a Canadian VHS release which appeared in some US stores that caught my eyes in the early days of video renting.

9-11-70, Youngstown, OH – This excellent capture features two excellent double features with Argento’s classic being paired off with HG Lewis’ 1967 attempt to move into epic Horror. For those asking, the Double at the Westside DI is a Radley Metzger presentation. Such was the time when imported shockers and sexy flicks were within the mainstream of US cinema.


9-13-70, St. Louis – already a hit in the St. Louis area with a second week at the Loew’s Mid City.


St. Louis, 10-2-70 – More theaters were added after Week 2 at the Mid City, which kept playing it.


10-2-70, WIlmington, Del. – A very smart pair-up with Alfred Hitchcock’s Topaz was at the Naamans DI.


10-2-70, Albuquerque – A small ad for the Hiland showing.


10-9-70, Akron – Sadly, the theater was rented during it’s run at the State on a Friday, but at least it played.


10-23-70, Toledo – Appearing at the Showcase Cinemas on Secor (The family went there many times in my youth).


10-19-70, Maimi


Bangor, Maine, 10-30-70…with a G?!!! It was an official GP, but I guess someone wanted to do a dare or some editorial comment at this theater! Actually, I have a feeling that today’s “seen it all” generation would brand this a G, though.


11-6-70, Albuquerque – Playing with The Angry Breed at the Plaza Downtown.


11-6-70, Lowell, Mass. at the 495 DI.


10-30-70, Hazleton, PA, another held over showing!


11-11-70, Detroit – The most prestigious showing in the Motor City was at the Quo Vadis, although getting of playdates at General Cinema’s double screen Cinema theaters is as well as the Michigan among others was nothing to sneeze at.

11-20-70, San Antonio – Bird was the word at the Laurel which started playing it on 11-6-70!


12-4-70, San Antonio with another smart pair-up with The Boston Strangler.


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