I Dismember Mama and The Blood Spattered Bride – The Screen 13 Road Trip Grabs it’s Up Chuck Cup!


9-13-74, Akron – The best, and possibly last, of the 1974 showings of the I Dismember Mama/Blood Spattered Bride double feature that turned into a super show wiith Invasion of the Blood Farmers and the US edit of Jess Franco’s Bloody Judge, Night of the Blood Monster.

Its time to grab your Up Chuck Cups! The trailer to the Double Feature of I Dismember Mama (aka Poor Albert and Little Annie) and Vicente Aranda’s The Blood Spattered Bride is one of the most memorable in 70’s Exploitation history, but the films it promoted were damn good for the bargain. The show was Distributed through Europix and contained two classic and creepy flicks which fit the bill for the Drive In market of the Mid 70’s, although sadly it seemed to be only a small success despite the excellent gimmick and trailer. The main interest in this show for me is The Blood Spattered Bride, which was one of my first introductions to the world of R-Rated European Horror back in the days of renting as many videos as I possibly could in an interesting adventure through the cheap rentals and big boxes (or in that case, MPI’s clamshell).

Take not that this is seriously Part One of a journey, and I should gather up more playdates for this excellent show.


3-14-74, Kansas City – Although the Upchuck Cup was not advertised, it might have been offered anyways. The I-70 DI is still open! The North DI was in Riverside and owned by Mid-America (RIP 1983, Demo 1992) as well as the Lake Park (RIP possibly 1981?).


3-15-74, Fairfield, OH – Most of the Drive In showings always brought in another feature that fitted the bill perfectly, in this case the infamous Al Adamson flick Brain of Blood.


3-29-74, Salina, KA – the Movies at the Sunset Plaza was originally part of The Movies chain, owned by American Automated theaters. Later in the year, it was bought up by Dickinson Theaters. The Sunset Plaza is a Strip Mall of which this used to be an anchor without the use of a marquee and with an all female staff (for a while?). Today, the Plaza hosts a Dillon’s as well as an Advance Cash America, Cave Divers Liquor, Sunset Billiards, possibly a Dollar Tree, and a McDonalds (the later in a building of it’s own), The area where theaters were have been vacant.


3-3-74, Bridgeport, Conn. – The Pix/Candlelite Twin Drive In always had room for a show like this. It was Loew’s owned.


4-26-74, Des Moines – Sadly, this DI was reportedly gone in the Early 80’s, but more research need to detail things. Wonder if someone thought of a triple feature that included kids in all of the films. The best known child star of this trio is Mark Lester from What the Peeper Saw, famed for his appearance in Oliver who is now an osteopath – more on him here…



5-13-74, Debuque, Iowa – A special weekend showing had it with the “Duovision” flick Wicked Wicked shown as a regular movie. Possibly closed in the Mid-80’s, this is reportedly a trailer park today.


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