60’s Sin-ema at the Studio, Philadelphia

philadelphia-1-28-661-28-66 – Two and a half years later, the world would know about one of the stars in Satan’s Bed, Yoko Ono who was a name to watch on the art scene in the Mid 60’s before meeting up with John Lennon.Satan’s Bed was an unfinished film about a man trying to get out of the dealing racket while meeting up with his bride to be (Ono) which was filled up with scenes filmed by Michael Findlay of some junkies on a crime spree trying to get the money for their next fix resulting in some Roughie action.

The Studio in Philadelphia was one of the main Adult theaters of the city in the 1960’s, programming a mix of Art and Sexploitation while being allowed to advertise among the regular features in the paper. It’s true that most of the other screens in the are including the Art Spruce occasionally had a big ad from time to time, but not on a regular basis back then. Many of the ads from that decade before it turned to more down and dirty fare to keep the business going showed a great variety of films.

Sadly, it would close up by the Late 70’s (approx. 1978) and would be demolished by 1980. Only these ads and the movies still available to view can take you back to the classic days.


2-4-66 – Gillo Pontecorvo’s Kapo with the Jseph Brenner presentation od The Immoral. I’m still trying to find information on the main feature of the night concerning a woman’s affair behind her husband’s back at a camp as even the AFI books show nothing but the plot.


2-18-66 – A controversial under-age double feature including the Arthouse hit Lollipop and Too Young, Too Immoral.


6-10-66 – A strong import double feature this week. Compare these two trailers, one for the Brenner US release and the original from 1958 under the title La Notte Brava.

6-17-66 – Radley Metzger’s films were always playing somewhere, and for good reason!


7-22-66 – Once again, a classy Audubon double deal, this time showing that the re-title in this ad was not exclusive to the Pussycat ad I saw some time ago.


11-26-65 – The Wild Roots of Love played for two weeks. Although the subject was very controversial, it’s star helped it play across The US with some ease. It also had a two week stay in Detroit as well.


7-1-66, In this Import Erotica triple play, the censored title is Of Beds and Broads AKA Tales of Paris


6-2-67 – A very cool ad for Lorna Maitland in Hip Hot and 21 made by Dale Berry, who made a number of flicks through the decade that have thankfully survived for genre movie collectors, and the British Schoolgirl Gone Bad import The Yellow Teddy Bears, re-titled Gutter Girls for this release (it was titled The Thrill Seekers for it’s first US run).

11-29-68 – The AC Stephens flick with Olympic International’s hit Faux-Mondo which had nothing to do with Freud.

5-23-69 – Here’s one for the Milligan Fans! The Naked witch, here known as the Naked Temptress, plays with William Rotsler’s the Girl with the Hungry Eyes.

5-16-69 – Winging up this post is an ad for the HG Lewis’ sleaze classic Alley Tramp followed up by Heat of Madness.


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