The 1973 Report – Part One

11-30-73, Milwaukee – Please Don’t Go into the Bedroom has been uncovered by the Temple of Schlock as another title for what’s best known as The House That Vanished. It played Lake Fort Worth, FLA a week after this showing which was advertised next to the ad you’re possibly looking at more, which is a film that’s possibly lost and a reflection of a time when “Curious” was a code word in Adult movies.

Ads like these can never wind up in today’s papers!


1973 was a freaky year for the Sexploitation  scene. 1972’s Deep Throat was killing it, making Porno change to being a bunch of ultra cheap films to something resembling a movies so that it could get customers into the other theaters once more which resulted in several ambitious films like Behind the Green Door or just flicks with some kind of story in them. Also in ’72, Mark of the Devil and Last House on the Left were breaking all kinds of records and making the self-appointed guardians of decency throw up, making Horror move into all kinds of madness and finding a perfect time to unleash something Manson-inspired. In a year of Raw Power, Dark Side of the Moon, Roe Vs. Wade, and so much more, things had to be this way.

In short, this is a time to unleash what I have not put up here so far centered around some kind of theme.


10-19-73, Anniston – I don’t think I posted this one up. One of the more evil variations of an ad for a film perfect for it’s time that had several campaigns.


9-29-73, Akron – This General Film Release triple bill had everything 1973 smut watchers wanted, plenty of violent tease, sexy tease, and Bonnie’s Kids.


11-9-73, Shreveport – Another variation on the advertising for Pets. This film got around!


4-14-73, Burlington – Roger Fritz’s The Brutes was a 1970 film picked up by Brenner and promoted with a wonderful blunt ad unleashed in The US in 1973.


5-9-73, Detroit – While The Death Wheelers might have never stopped by the Metro Area (have to check the facts out again), the Baby did!


5-16-73, Detroit – The Candy Snatchers was a very heart-killing film that focused on the greed in humans and a very not-so-happy ending.

6-1-73, Columbus, Nebraska – Some ads followed the successful Last House on the Left, others went to the Buried Schoolgirl look.


3-7-73, Louisville – True, this was a 1972 release, but what an ad!  GORNOGRAPHY hits Kentucky with this wild ad for one of Cult Moviedom’s most impressive sells. This was also known as the Captive Female later on, in true change-the-title fashion.


12-14-73, Detroit – Here’s a very under-rated shocker with a great ad that was not promoted very well. Thankfully, there’s a DVD to catch this film.


3-9-73, Louisville – In the Devil’s Garden was originally released as Molested. lincoln-neb-9-21-73

9-21-73, Lincoln, Neb. – The original run of the Manson Documentary was somewhat limited, and never touched the Metro Detroit area – it would have to wait until 1977 to see it on the big screen with Sweet Saviour re-titled as The Love Thrill Murders.


3-27-73, Pittsburgh – What to do with a freaky film that was placed with a very generic title for it’s first two releases? Give it another title! Together Girls was originally known as the Cult and the Love Cult, but as you can tell, they did not go down very well in a 1972 that was crazy.


7-13-73, Ottawa – This is possibly the best ad for World Sex Report, which had a US ad that featured less people.

9-15-73, Pottstown, PA – The Roadshow scene had to think of something quick to continue it’s business.


4-6-73, Calgary – Various ads had this thumb-sucking, baby doll wearing girl which was seen through the Mid-70’s.

Now to go into an area popularized by the School Girls and Maid in Sweden…


1-5-73, Detroit – The Motor City promoted the Curious Teenager as a squeal to Deep Throat! It;s a good guess that all evidence that this film existed beyond the ads possibly tuned into Worm Food by The 80’s.

5-2-73, Detroit – Hemisphere released many of these EuroSex flicks with more tease than anything else with ads that never really got too down and dirty compared to some of the others floating around.


11-12-73, Detroit – Leaving you now with a Devilish Porno hit playing in the Detroit area – more later!


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