One-Eye and The Jezebels – Held Over in Lubbock, 1975


2-27-75, Lubbock – The One Eye showings just keep popping up! While it’s obvious that Thriller: A Cruel Picture is one of the most influential films – not least because Christina Lindberg looks hot while taking care if her business – but it was a very well played film through The 70’s under three different titles.


5-16-75, Lubbock – Lubbock seemed to be one of it’s most successful areas thanks to it’s three week run at the Golden Horseshoe Drive In as The Swedish Vice Girl which played with Dirty O’Neil, The Sensuous Cop.

The Dirty O’Neil trailer was perfect for the time and place, and I can imagine it being a DI hit anywhere.

5-23-75 – Love the way the ad just shoves the other screen into nothing. Still, Lady Frankenstein is worth a view.


5-30-75 – Thought I was making this up? I have to admit that the original advertising on Dirty O’Neil for this theater looks pretty cool in a Donn Davison style (Think Hillbilly Hooker, Moonshiner’s Woman…you get the picture).


1-31-75 – The House of Whipcord would play with One Eye later on under the title Photographer’s Models as a co-feature to Thriller’s Hooker’s Revenge (unlike many re-titles, that one had truth in the advertising!). This was a few weeks before One-Eye’s appearance at the same theater!


5-2-75, Lubbock – Another cult favorite of the Mid 70’s was The Jezebels, but you can call them the Switchblade Sisters. Under it’s lesser used title, The Jezebels played with The Swinging Cheerleaders at the Red Raider DI, a popular place to play the Exploitation of the day as documented by several posts on this blog.


5-9-75 – In another rare case of movies being held over at a Drive In, both screens were showing these movies for their second week together with the Chinese Godfather playing for #3!


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