Ilsa, The Wizard of Gore, and the Malletts Bay DI in the Screen 13 Sexploitation Research Update!

4-16-76, Akron – Spring-ing up for action at the Gala and ready to shock the 1976 season, Ilsa hits the Rubber City in it’s original edit, the way it should be!


4-30-71, Akron – An all HG Lewis show hits the Gala and Blue Sky with The Wizard of Gore the new arrival in Akron.

With the HG Lewis and David F. Friedman Research Update already documented, it’s time to move onto more Malletts Bay action with a couple of ads from Burlington. It’s great to see the a Drive In in a smaller town have its priorities correct, which was bringing in the DG’s…I mean customers with cars and their dates. It showed mainstream fare, but this is about the Sin-ematic Experience and the Weird World, not Gone With the Wind.


4-23-76, Malletts Bay, Vermont – The all mighty Christina Lindberg in Anita, Swedish Nymph found a lot of dates on the US Drive In and Grindhouse scene through the Mid 70’s it would be fair to say that it was among the last hits of it’s kind to use “Swedish” as the code word for getting away with a lot on the screen. When it’s One Eye, all is good!


5-5-72, Malletts Bay – With more research, there are a lot of  ads that contain the full title of The Oral Generation. Here, it’s telling the truth that these were not rated and Adults Only instead of self-imposing the X, which was alright without getting into trouble with the MPAA.


5-21-71 – It’s rare to see a showing of Blood of Dracula’s Castle without Nightmare in Wax, but here’s one of those times. Replacing the Cameron Mitchell film is the Omnibus 3-story Horror film featuring Peter and Jane Fonda as well as Brigitte Bardot. Directed by Federico Fellini, Roger Vadim, and Louis Malle, this was a hit which played for a while. Blood of Dracula’s Castle played a lot, too, but unlike Spirits…, it was mainly a screen filler.


8-6-71 – Ray Dennis Steckler’s Sinthia The Devil’s Doll showed up here and there for a few years with a great campaign and what’s possibly the Director’s last regular-released OTT flick before moving into Porno and the occasional small-run movie.


8-13-76 – In a time when movies that can send you to Hell by their “plots” alone played with ease, Teenage Sorority Girls was at the Malletts Bay with Fantasy in Blue. The real thing is on the web, but the movies were where you let the imagination take over – and I’m sure the models in these films were of age!


11-1-68 – The second title is the return of the Greek movie The Rape with what is possibly the most Anti-PC title of it’s US cinematic life. It might have been a comment from the person who whipped up the ad, but damn! A real WTF award right next to the Chicago ads that re-titled it after Shakespeare’s Rape of Eurydice!


9-17-71, Burlington, VT – The Burlington was no stranger to Sleaze. Despite all of my attention on the Malletts Bay DI. it’s time to give it some mentions, too. Sandra, the Making of a Woman is possibly one of the best-talked-about growing up flicks of the day – and with Monica Gayle, you can see why! The Sinthia in this show was the other film that played under that title, not the Steckler Devil Dream.


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