Euro-Horror-Vision – A Random Introduction 1973-77

11-18-77, Akron – Starting this round of Euro-Horror-Vision is Jean Rollin’s classic Requiem for a Vampire that was picked up by Boxoffice International (Harry Novak) and re-titled Caged Virgins as well as Virgins and Vampires and in this case Crazed Vampire.

With this post, I’m starting another series, this time focusing on the sexy EuroHorror films imported into The US through The 70’s. This small introduction assortment should be a nice way to start.


11-26-77, Zanesville, OH – The show was in several Ohio DIs at that time. Boxoffice International was mainly living off past glories and several pick-ups at the time, but they were usually good finds.


10-24-75, Albuquerque – The 66 DI’s Midnight Special featured Rollin’s film with the creepy Behind Locked Doors. toledocaged112175

11-21-75, Toledo – You can tell that this was a very popular pair to play through the Fall!


3-22-74, Greenville, SC – The Exorcist sparked off a number of ads that used the word to sell it’s shows, but leave it to the Cedar Lake to throw in it’s classic logo.


4-12-74, Rochester, NY – this censored ad calling The Virgin Witch to a more accepted The Erotic Witch still rides the stick! This also throws in “Exorcism!!” as a selling point.


12-19-73, Tuscon – Brenner’s classic double feature pairing the saucy British Occult thriller with Umberto Lenzi’s classic shocker was a decent DI hit.


4-13-73, Philadelphia – Devil’s Nightmare had a good first run before teaming up with In the Devil’s Garden (which had first US showings as Molested) and turning into a go-to B feature for other Horror movies through The 70’s-Early 80’s.


9-28-74, Kansas City – Another appearance of the “Fact or Fiction?” ad for The Legend of Blood Castle, a very effective flick by Jorge Grau and released Stateside by Film Ventures international.

detroit-10-23-7410-23-74, Detroit – The perfect way for Film Ventures to promote their films was to play the Drive Ins, and here the suburbs had it’s main audience in the Metro Detroit area.

brownwood-tx-9-17-769-17-76, Brownwood – Rene Cardona, Jr.’s flick that was more popular with video renters had very few plays when it was picked up by Trans International Films, but it’s cool when one can get any of the ads.

york-pa-10-29-76-210-29-76, York, PA – Now here’s a Halloween show!!! Although the only EuroHorror here is Torso, it’s with a group of notable films including the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre! What’s not to like?


10-29-76, Wilmington, OH – Every Euro-Horror-Vision entry has to have the great ad for To the Devil…A Daughter, but this one continues the Halloween, 1976 Drive In super show theme with The Devil’s Wedding Night and Lady Frankenstein using the ad to Paul Morrissey’s epic.


5-20-77, Terre Haute – This gets the Screen 13 Seal of Drive In Ad Approval! A rare Nastassja Kinski-only ad!


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