Random 70’s Sleaze!

Burlington, 9-10-71 – I’m just going to whip out some random sleaze for sleaze sake. enjoy the ride!


3-7-75, Shreveport, Louisiana – Another spotting of the Jess Franco classic The Demons. You need to see it!


8-22-75, Shreveport, Louisiana – AKA Teenage Love released in The US by the company who also unleashed Love Under 17 and Teenage as well as a few Kung Fu epics like From China with Death. Reportedly one of the weaker films in this genre, but the ad is a rare find.

shreveport-louisiana-6-10-776-10-77, Shreveport – Released by Martin Films (and Something Weird Video), this seriously is for the full frontal fans! Maybe this might be among the Top 20 R-Division EuroSex flicks. Starring Ingrid Steeger, that is (not) all!!!


6-6-75, Lubbock – If you have not seen these two flicks, you need to correct that soon. Toys… is a serious bummer of a ride while Behind… is a creep feast that played more in The 70’s than it did under it’s original title of Any Body…Any Way. This was a Boxoffice International pairing of films Produced by Stanley Brasloff who’s other film was Two Girls for a Madman.


3-7-75, Lubbock – Just when I thought I could not come up with any more ads for Love Me Deadly!


10-18-74, Lubbock – Another showing of The Gorilla Gang and Naked Evil! You never know where they will turn up.

1-17-75, Lubbock – An ultra-Weird night at the Red Raider with Swinging Schoolgirl flicks, the Sins of Rachel, and Donn Davison’s immortal…and immoral..,Hillbilly Hooker!


2-4-77, Shreveport – Another night that may send you to Hell in today’s climate, but back then these films were everywhere. The Joy of Love has been covered by the Temple of Schlock as a film called In Trouble, released by the one and only UIP (see Swedish Lessons in Love), and you will already know what this is about if you know your old school codes – to those who don’t, it’s being pregnant. Although “Joy…” is one hell of a bum trip, the good news is that it features the one and only Sybil Danning. At the Don Drive In, of course!


2-7-75, Lubbock – Another showing of the much-played Love Under 17 with Max Pecas’ Sensuous Teenager.


3-19-72, Chicago – Ed Wood’s infamous Necromania at the Festival with a cartoon! Wonder what Mr. G is all about.


4-2-76, Chicago – Another showing of Necromania in Chicago! The flick peeped itself for years.


3-30-73, Youngstown, OH – Another title for Forced Entry shows at the Art Theater Guild screen in the area.


9-28-73, Poughkeepsie – Yet another 9G DI show that was a portal to Hell. This was a sanitized version of the ad.


3-2-73, Piqua, OH – A more elaborate, but slightly sanitized version of this ad with a little more Schoolgirl.


10-5-73, Waco – The full on version of the ad! A lot of the Drive in showings of these Sunset International films were usually with a non-related third feature that tried to get your mind on something else, but it was seriously all about the sin.

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