Switchblade Sisters – Screen 13 Road Trip Part Two (or was that Three?)

11-18-77, Brownsville – Starting this update with a little shock, although knowing this blog, these two films are not as surprising. Switchblade Sisters, sometimes known as The Jezebels or Playgirl Gang, was one of the many films that played here and there through the 70’s and played with many excellent flicks.


3-4-77, Philadelphia – You seriously don’t want to mess around with these women! Ilsa and The Jezebels combine for a triple feature/ Although the Ilsa films were rated R, I wonder if they showed the real X versions anyways.

0-1-77, San Antonio – Here’s a serious 4-Day Weekend planned! The Switchblade Sisters is with Satan’s Cheerleaders and the Swinging Cheerleaders.


12-10-76, Greenville – The downtown Fox theater paired the Sisters with Honky with music by Quincy Jones


4-2-76, Louisville – Playing with Summer School Teachers and All the Young Wives at this DI.


9-10-76, Mansfield – How’s THIS for a DI double screen night – if you’re part of The Scene, you would choose screen #2 and not give a damn about the other. The Working Girls features a Pre-Elvira Cassandra Peterson.


10-22-76, Terre Haute, IN – showing with The Muthers at the Grand for a weekend only!


1-9-82, Nashville – To end this trip, here’s a showing of Playgirl Gang, the MPM release of Switchblade Sisters that played a lot through the Early 80’s. It’s a good guess that this release helped spread the word around.


~ by screen13 on November 24, 2016.

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