Eugenie – Screen 13 Road Trip, Part 2 1/2 – Plus Serious Words of Thanks to All!

9-4-70, Phiadelphia – Ending tonight’s posting around with a word of thanks to you for checking this Blog out and digging what’s around and the sight of a “Bird” of the female kind – Eugenie! This research update, now part of the Road Trip series named after how many of the films reported in this blog traveled around more than they were releases, starts off with the pairing of ads. The small ad to the left is for the Studio, a screen where many Something Weird Video-related titles were shown through the years including the Love Captive. It’s great to find ads for Jess Franco’s classic that feature the best ad of them all.


10-7-70, Camden, NJ – I may have posted this one before, but I’m sure you seriously don’t mind. This one looks like that it had a little more of Eugenie to show just before it had to be seriously censored.

Through the last few years, you have seen this grow from a lot of starts and stops, but thankfully things have been moving well for now. There are more plans for the future, and I hope to see them through. It’s great to share this information with you and that it’s enjoyed.


~ by screen13 on November 24, 2016.

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