2069: A Sex Odyssey – Screen 13’s Late 70’s Ad Organisation Party


10-28-77, Akron – Starring Nina Frederick as Commandantin 666, and Directed by Geror Tressler (Teenage Wolfpack), 2069 was Euro-Sleaze’s own Space Thing meets the alternate of Mars Needs Women (Venus Needs Men). Released by Burbank International – the company who brought you such 70’s feasts as Pets, Secrets of Sweet Sixteen, and Swinging Wives- this was among the final calls of the classic 70’s Sexploitation era in The US before it all went to last runs (SRC re-releases of Hemisphere released movies, the early MPM releases and all of the rest). With the sexy space chic in thigh boots in the ads which looked like someone was a fan of David F. Friedman’s Space Thing, the 1974 film was a nest screen filler for those who were still into watching the all time classic space spoof Flesh Gordon at the midnight and DI shows and looking through the ads show that those who were programming it seriously knew what they were getting and possibly were fans of these films, especially at the Drive Ins.

This is one in a series of collections from the Late 70’s that seriously do not go as in depth as usual, but I hope that in time these will grow into stories that will catch more of what happened in an era when the classic Exploitation era was slowly closing up shop until the letters VHS took over.


3-17-78, Anniston – The Euro-Space Thing arrives in what was David F. Friedman’s hometown. The B from 1971 featured noted Comic Buck Henry and Holly Woodlawn.


11-22-68, Tuscon – Look familiar? Space Thing at Tuscon’s Art Guild Cinema, the Loft with Underground Cinema 12.


9-8-78, Carbondale, IL – At the Varsity 1 and 2, someone seriously knew how to turn a theater into a camp for a week by also programming the infamous Myra Brekinridge for the late show.

toledoswyke513781-3-78, Toledo – A small ad for the Late Show at the Southwyck Mall AMC. Not surprisingly, it was demoed (2009).


2-8-80. Anniston – Always ready to play the Sexploitation, the Skyway fills up the screen with 2069 and Julia.


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