Alice Sweet Alice – A Screen 13 Road Trip Part One

7-22-77, Corpus Christi – This time, the focus is on the classic dark ride that is Alice Sweet Alice, which was first known as Communion for a brief while after it’s showing at the Chicago International Film Festival and Holy Terror in the Early 80’s on it’s third release. With Brooke Shields in a very small role which was brought up to the star billing after her rise thanks to movies like Pretty Baby, the film did OK if not well through the Late 70’s, but slowly gaining a cult following and a few good reviews.

Director Alfred Sole broke into the scene through the infamous Adult film Deep Sleep (1972) which was pulled from theaters after it was declared obscene in New Jersey, leading to being ex-communicated from the Roman Catholic Diocese in Paterson, NJ, where this movie was made. After this film, he went onto Direct the interesting, flawed, but still very worthy Tanya’s Island with Vanity back when she was D. D. Winters and Pandemonium, a Horror spoof with Tom Smothers for MGM/UA.

After trouble securing a release with Columbia, it went to Allied Artists for most of it’s theatrical life and then to Dynamite Entertainment (Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride, the Seven Brothers Meet Dracula…) for it’s Holy Terror run. Before it’s release on Anchor Bay, the lack of a Copyright led it to be unleashed by PD VHS companies like Genesis Entertainment, but the best choice is to find the Hen’s Tooth DVD with the commentary.

wilmongton9-3-779-2-77, Wilmington, NC – in this set of ads, I decided to throw in one for the Bailey paying the Black Samurai starring Jim Kelly – the theater was specializing in Urban action and Martial Arts by then.

pakmbeach11-18-77mix11-1-77, West Pam Beach – Hitting a couple of theaters with one showing the best known ad.

11-18-77, Abilene, TX – Entertainment Gift Books! Remember those?

5-12-78, Chicago – Getting into the major selling points with the ads featuring Brook Sheilds and a good review by Roger Ebert. I’m sure those expecting a Pretty Baby 2 were seriously disappointed by the star’s very short role.

6-16-78, Louisville – Only focusing on Brooke, this ad was a serious mis-lead. It’s co-features were very fitting with Fright starring Susan George and Mark of the Witch being another American Indie Horror that was slightly Gothic. Maybe somebody knew that three presentable young women would be perfect even if the co-features were from 1971 and 1970.

jackson-miss-9-22-78-meandowbrook69-22-78, Jackson, Mississippi – Another solo appearance at a multiplex.

More to come, but for right now, here’s a way to cap this for the night…


4-24-81 – I have to admit that at least they told the truth about it’s release in this ad, Hitting the Chicago area again.

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