Sin in the Cinema – Deviant Detroit, 1970-72 (and one each from ’73 and ’74!)

1-22-71 – Tonight, I’m focusing on the Adults Only scene of the Metro Detroit area, mainly with the years 1970-73. After all of the fun in other places, it’s time to go back (close to) home for a round of ads for films that caught my eye. Some will be among the better known films, but hopefully I catch some rarities.


5-13-70, Sexual Freedom in Denmark at the Summit Downtown – A mark of the changing times, this was at the theater that played 2001 on it’s first Run showing in the Metro area.

8-19-70 – This Euro-White Coat film from Germany was released from the company that unleashed I Am Curious (Yellow) to the US. It’s safe to say that this was it’s other hit flick. It’s also Something Weird Video VHS #6561.Wonder if the Red Lantern is The Red Lanterns, a Greek Drama from 1963 (Released by Times in the US in 1965) about prostitutes and their lives after Modernization.

12-10-70 – Featuring an all-star cast including Harry Reems, Shaun Costello, and Tina Russell, Making the Blue Film was a hit on the Adult circuit. The Trans-Lux Krim would double up by Late 1972.


4-3-70 – Detention Girls at the Trans-Lux Krim. This Sam Lake/Distribpix film throws in the fear of getting arrested at a demonstration for a timely subject for a few seconds. Chances are that the wardens in real life were not what you saw in this film!


12-25-70 – Merry Christmas from the Michigan Theater! OK, make that Sleazy Christmas! The Bang Bang Gang also played as The Gun Girls. The Scavengers

Interesting to note the concert by the Hues Corporation, who would later be known for “Rock the Boat”, but were just starting their recorded history in 1970 with this tasty song…

detroit-6-17-70-findlay6-17-70 – I love captures like this where two similar-titles films are advertised back to back in the paper. It’s a plus that both The Ultimate Voyeur and The Ultimate Degenerate are both New York City flicks – and are now with Something Weird Video, too! Take your pick, you will see some very familiar faces including Linda Boyce (Ultimate Voyeur) and Uta Erickson (Ultimate Degenerate and Donna and Lisa!).

vlcsnap-2016-11-19-23h00m26s152 vlcsnap-2016-11-19-23h02m39s222 vlcsnap-2016-11-19-23h03m48s145 vlcsnap-2016-11-19-23h04m56s63 vlcsnap-2016-11-19-23h06m03s223

Time for a music break – 1970, Sleaze, Detroit, you know what that means…STOOGES!

4-15-70, Joe Sarno’s Desire Under the Palms at the Fine Arts with Felicia.


12-1-71 – The Deviates plays at two ex-mainstream (really B-level Mainstream) cinema turned Adult.

2-18-72, LA – A special ad for this post just to let you know that there was another ad mat for the Deviates!


7-1-72, The Debauchers hits the Mel, 6 Mile, Variety, and Guild. Now released through Alpha Blue, this Tina Russell film Directed by Sidney Knight was one of he rougher films in the industry at that time.


4-5-74, This time a film made in Poland! It’s a rarity, and I hope that I have got the information right.


5-4-73 – While the Young Seducers played a lot through The 70’s at more mainstream-style theaters, it still had what it took to shock a little – and that’s a good thing! While many ads dressed things up a bit, this mat shows more sin and skin.


5-26-72 – The Mel and 6 Mile get into Sex Customs in Scandinavia! This was a popular Faux-Euro-White Coat film actually Directed by Sidney Knight, who was on a roll that would stop pretty soon.


10-27-72 – Sexual Customs in Scandinavia also made it to the Krim just before it got doubled up.


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