Sleazy 70’s Sin-ema at the Don Drive In and the Don Theater, Bossier City and Shreveport, LA, Late 1973-Early 1974


1-25-74 – The Depraved starring Christina Lindberg and The Room of Chains was a sleaze feast that was popular in the Drive In circuit released by Group 1. Released in 1972, It will later get re-titled as Diary of a Rape by 1976.


8-18-72, Ottawa – There was a great ad for The Depraved in Canada featuring the star, just to let you know.

It’s time to look into the world of the Don Drive In in Bossier City, LA located East (across the Red River) from  the Don Theater in Shreveport in 1974, a year when sleaze toured the Drive In screens all across the US trying to compete with the Porno Chic scene. Thankfully, a lot of it hit the this Gulf States Theaters screen providing a feast for the eyes and a background to what was happening in the cars. I can imagine many women taking notes from Christina Lindberg! For those wondering where it’s at, Sheverport is in the serious Northwest of Louisiana, and those who were thinking about state line were only a few miles East from Texas and about 25-30 South of Arkansas as many of these theaters were located in that kind of location.


6-7-74 – True to the 70’s, a time when indoor screens were also in the Exploitation and Skin-Dependent wars, the Don Theater also played the good stuff. As you can tell, Christina was the one to watch in ’74 as They Call Her One Eye (Thriller: A Cruel Picture to those who go by the original titles) turned into a small hit film and with it’s intense nature and attitude it was a future inspiration for a few filmmakers – I still wonder if Patch in Switchblade Sisters was influenced by her.  It will be later known as Swedish Vice Girl and Hooker’s Revenge by 1975 – a rare case where the AKAs were as perfect as the fit title it played under.

With Christina Lindberg as One Eye, I don;t think anyone remembered the film it usually played with on it’s first run. When it showed up as Hookers Revenge, at least the other film it played with was The House of Whipcord showing as Photographer’s Models.

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9-28-73 – Taking things back to Late 1973, this classic ad for The Candy Snatchers shows just how “Feel-Sleazy” of a film it is right off the bat. It’s B is yet another showing of the Ed Wood written Shotgun Wedding, showing how far it traveled through the Drive Ins through the years. Tiffany Bolling is great in this film, showing her appeal to the exploitation crowd of the day.

11-9-73 – Another work of Uber-Sleaze that hit the Don DI was Pets, a film that toured the circuit for years to the point where the prints would show the wear and tear of being at so many – no wonder why the theatrical print used on the Code Red DVD was showed its age. Due to the lack of a VHS in The US, it went forgotten by many although sleaze film fans talked about it in the Cult Movie scene for years.


12-5-73 – This great ad joining the Don and Don DI featured the ozoner showing the Shaw Brothers Martial Arts classic released in the US through UIP (home to that other great 70’s Grindhouse genre, the Euro-Sex flick, including titles like Love Under 17) while the downtown theater was hosting another one of Hallmark Releasing’s flicks that told you “It’s only a movie!”


2-11-74 – A re-issue of up Your Teddy Bear starring Julie Newmar and Wally Cox with music by Quincy Jones heads this show with The Stepdughter (a re-issue of And When She Was Bad), and a re-issue of Like It Is playing as Not My Daughter. the final film of the evening was Directed by Jerry Schafer of The Low Price of Fame fame which played in places like Alamogordo. I wonder who whipped this up (I’m sure the theater with connections to a sub-distributor)


2-15-74 – While the Don had the New world hit The Arena, the DI featured Teenage Tramp with Larry Buchanan’s The Other Side of Bonny and Clyde. Teenage Tramp was one of the many films with the word Teenage in it that would seriously not be made like that today.

Something Weird Video Trivia Time! – It’s known to VHS fans that Teenage Tramp was #5069 released in the Mid 90’s while The Other Side was #8001 circa 2003 (Damn, so long ago for fans like me today! I got the DVD.)


4-5-74 – The Don was showing The Godfathers of Hong Kong, Directed by Shu Mei Chin and a hit for Cannon in the days before Golan and Globus took over

Scream Bloody Murder was another re-titled film, this time being Scream Bloody Murder advertised as the first “Gore-Nography” film…sorry, but I think HG Lewis’ Blood Feast beat that one to the punch without even having to hype it like that. A month before, it was playing Greenville, SC under it’s original title!  The Animals was also known as Five Savage Men.


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