The Devil Made Me Post This! – A Taste of Devilish Exploitation from The 70’s

detroit-9-2-759-2-75, Detroit – Released by Something Weird Video as part of the Sexy Shocker Hardcore Horror series put together by Frank Hennenlotter (Basket Case among other classics), Satan’s Lust (#3 in the video series) features Judy Angel from Mona. Unleashed in 1971, this naturally played for years through The 70’s including this Downtown Detroit appearance.

The Satanic Sexploitation of The 70’s was a major trend which unleashed some wild and interesting creativity, as the wicked world actually gave these films an excuse for a plot that was perfect. Sparked by the interest in the Occult within the hip underground which turned to the dark side (Think The Satanic Bible, Rosemary’s Baby, and the Man, Myth,and Magic series of books for starters) and the popularity of The Exorcist which had some of the greatest possession scenes which made the Exploitation industry go into overdrive, these films had The Devil in the details (as Tesco Vee might say). If Sexploitation was the work of The Devil to some, then these movies were possibly the best way to say “YEAH!” and proud of it, and the many Horror movies of the era that played Drive Ins and theaters that had the Independently-Distributed flicks were adding to the madness.


8-29-75, Detroit and suburbs – The Ray Dennis Steckler XXX film hits a few theaters with a censored ad. Released by Alpha Blue as part of a couple of sets on DVD, including one focusing on the Director, this has achieved a small cult following – look for Kelly Guthrie who was part of…


Phoenix, 7-11-75 – The words “Weird” and “Bizarre” are serious truth in advertising. This R-Rated take on Erotic Witchery still has what it takes to make the viewer wonder what was going on behind the scenes. abilene-tx-2-12-75

Abilene, 2-12-75 – Enter the Devil was Frank Q. Dobbs’ was his entry into Directing that led to lighter movies including Hotwire (Paragon Video fans will know that title!) and some success. When Distributed through Sunset International (The US home to many a European Teen Sex flick of The 70’s), it had plenty of showings at the Drive Ins through the decade. In my opinion, this will remain his best, but he stuck to the business with some success.


4-25-75, Las Cruses, NM – this was the regular double bill featuring Enter the Devil that played with School of Fear, a 1969 film from West Germany picked up by Sunset International focusing on a student from a boy’s boarding school who is missing.


Montreal, 10-10-75 – One of the many films to follow the footsteps of The Exorcist has a deserved cult following.


5-3-74, Detroit – One of the many showings of this hit.


5-6-71, New York City – Desires of The Devil was one of the All Male films that played around The US for a while.


10-1-76, Detroit – Starring Cyndee Summers, this demonic Porno tried to weave in a plot with what the audience came to see. The Krim and Guild were two of the longer-standing Adult cinemas in the Detroit area.


3-12-71, Detroit – Sex Rituals of the Occult was a blend of White Coat and Occult Erotica featuring Steve Vincent as the “Doctor” talking into a tape recorder, the “Plot” weaved into a series of imaginative scenes.


12-30-74, Ogden, Utah – This is a very interesting ad considering the fact that the German import Magdalena turned into Beyond the Darkness, but played under the original name a couple of years before. Wonder who had the film before Mid-Broadway picked it up (or did it exist then?).

4-26-74, High Point – To wrap it up, here’s the Tar Heel Drive In showing of Jess Franco’s classic The Demons, something I will focus on very soon on this blog.


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4 Responses to “The Devil Made Me Post This! – A Taste of Devilish Exploitation from The 70’s”

  1. tremendous work, raleigh!

  2. Regardless of how/why it’s was made, ‘Psyched By The 4-D Witch’ is a true outsider masterpiece – it’s amazing!

    • I will say that it is amazing in it’s own way. I feel that there was a aim to break into the mainstream market, but we know what happened. It was later picked up by Clamil that played it with Blood Freak in the Late 70’s!

  3. Author Jack Stevensonhad a nice Midnight screening at a venue I used to work at. He showed some great stuff and I recall a hilarious trailer from a Satanic porn called The Black Mass. I’ve never been able to track it down.

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