Getting “Weird” in 1974! – Some Highlights

3-15-74, Akron is starting off this Weirdo Feast of fun, thrills, wild movies, and cool stuff that will be connected to Something Weird Video’s history. Night of the Bloody Apes was unleashed by Jerand Films as part of a double bill with The Deadly Organ, here re-titled Feast of Flesh for this presentation – Cambist Films had the first US release of Emilio Vieyra’s film. Plus, to add to the fun, the first two film of HG Lewis’ “Blood Trilogy” were shown taking advantage of the longer nights at that time of year.

I’ll get into a life story later on, but looking back on the evolution of my interest in the world of Exploitation Cinema, Something Weird Video has a lot to be thanked for especially arriving at a couple of “Crossroads” moments in my life – one recently relating to this Blog, for example. Moving on…

Why 1974? Why not! There were a lot of great wild films around and a lot of room to get Weird, even on 2’nd Run! This is only a small part of what happened that year which would later be linked to the video company, but I hope you still dig what happened.


Akron, 2-23-74, Schoolgirls Growing Up was a part of the VHS series that included a number of these risque European flicks (more later!) while HG Lewis’ 1967 Pop Music epic was #4625 that was video-wise in between A Taste of Blood (4624) and The Girl, the Body, and the Pill (4626).


Akron, 3-1-74, That was not all for this showing of these Schoolgirl flicks! The David F. Friedman production Thar She Blows was brought on as the B for it’s second week at the Montrose! Unleashed in the early days of SWV, the EVI film that blew into Akron that week was #4438 – possibly numbered in a grouping of it’s first tapes.


Alamogordo area, 1-17-74 – In a weekend filled with Weirdness, the Cinema X storefront plays the rough 1968 flick The Girl Grabbers (#4172) while the Yucca Drive In had a spectacular named after the Comet first sighted on March 7 1973 by Lubos Kohouteck including Space Thing (#4407), Psyched by the 4-D Witch (#5328, VHS release possibly around the time of the Blood Trilogy), and the Cutie that David F. Friedman worked on after he moved to California, My Tale is Hot. Welcome Sinners might be Sin, You Sinners.

Albuquerque, 1-11-74 – A week before the Alamogordo showing, the 66 DI had most of the 5-flick show.


Bakersfield, CA, 4-5-74 – Officially Rated R, these films would be trouble in today’s market. This Sunset International Releasing presentation played around through The 70’s and would be a part of the Something Weird Video history for a while. The later film would also be titled Teach Me and would receive more screen time.


Brandon, Manitoba, 12-6-74 – The Lucky Star was a place to get “Weird” at, and in this case Chesty and Weird! I’m still to this day trying to find out what Naked to Hell is all about. You can say Chesty Morgan “Topped” the show!

Brownwood, TX, 10-11-74 – Not making this up – Teenage Strangler, “Yipes Stripes” and all played in ’74 somewhere!


Indianapolis. 10-12-74 – Deadly Weapons showed with the Marianne Faithfull skintight jumpsuit epic Naked Under Leather, which seemed to be a pretty popular choice for the second feature for a while.


Detroit, 10-11-74 – Why would you want to see the film when you have the real Double-More-Than-D Deal? This was one of the few seriously interesting ads for a 70’s show in a Burlesk theater.

Wilmington, OH, 11-8-74 – Chesty appears in this three-unit show with the hit White Coat film by Sean Cunningham and a film that could be possibly…

clovis-mn-10-4-74Clovis, NM 10-4-74 – This was possibly the last show at the Lyceum. This would be #4102 in it the VHS Weird-Story.


Charleston, WV, 6-4-74 – The Sinful Dwarf makes it’s way to the Lyric Theater with a very apt warning.


San Antonio, 11-8-74 – The Sinful Dwarf’s AKA played the Lackland Drive In. This version was later released on Super Video, home to many Al Adamson movies in the VHS days.


Phoenix, 3-6-74 – Asylum of Satan was an early film by William Girdler that should be checked out by the Weirdos that have not seen it already. In my opinion, it’s not too essential, but a piece of The 70’s that features the participation of a Church of Satan member for a very effective scene.


Kokomo, Indiana, 11-15-74 – Donn Davison’s epic reaches another theater. AKA Honey Britches.


Corpus Christi, 2-5-74 – The Blood Trilogy was serious the show that kept on going!


Akron, 10-11-74 – The first two of the Trilogy played this midnight show, but why did they not use the classic ad?


El Paso, 2-1-74 and Albuquerqe, 2-26-74 – the Mid 70’s saw some more plays of the infamous Love camp 7/Hot Spur double bill. Both of these films were originally Olympic International Pictures/Bob Cresse presentations that caused more than a little controversy in the Adult movie scene. Like Blood Feast, Love Camp 7 was years ahead of the genre it’s spawned – The Nazi Sexploitation genre had to wait for films like Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS and Love Camp #27.


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