Sinful Cinema in Philadelphia – Growing Up Adult in 1971-2

2-5-71 – The Renel Theater changed both it’s name and direction to the Adult movie scene with some very distinctive ads. This one looks like the artist was into Fantasy and Euro Sci-Fi or possibly the work of Roger Dean. It’s Prog style seriously was a mark of the times that might be seen a little differently now.

Through the Early 70’s, many cities had a number of small Adult theaters that were either struggling cinemas that turned X-Rated or one of the many storefronts of the area, usually with some generic advertising or blocks with words. Thankfully, some areas had some good advertising graphics that made them stand out. Philadelphia had a few places that at least tried to bring in the customers.


5-7-71. The New Lyric Theater announces it’s turn to Adult fare – today, it’s demolished.


5-7-71 – Looking more like a proper Adult Theater ad, the Consenting Adult Theater’s ads look more West Coast.

7-1-71 – More like it! Certainly willing to bend it’s back to bring in the customers, so to speak!




12-1-71 and 6-2-72 – Using the same cute thigh-high rider, these ads had the titles…but who was reading them?!!

The X-stasy Art is now a Fine Wine and Good Spirits carry out while I don’t know what the Mark III is now.


3-3-72 – A nice drawing for the Cinema II showing Box Canyon. The area is now an updated business section with possibly nobody knowing that at one time it housed a theater like this.


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