The Something Weird Video Time Machine – The Bushwacker

12-27-68, Long Beach – Holy Ho! Ho! Ho! in Vivid Holiday Color! Blood Red Holiday Color, more like it.

For the longest time, The Bushwacker was the notorious Sexploitation flick by Byron Mabe that had to be found. Thankfully, Something Weird Video found a print and it’s trailer a while back that proved it was worth the wait for the re-discovery for those with a taste for the sick  Through Late 1968 to the Mid 70’s, this had a very shadowy life moving from one lower level theater to another before quietly fading out in the Porno years as it went through a couple of Distributors in The 60’s – Falcon on the West Coast and Roughie magnet Chancellor on the East – and in the Early 70’s through RA Enterprises starting in 1973 as part of a double with Weekend in Sweden (RA also handled the early distribution of another Something Weird Video favorite – Sins of Rachel).

1-8-69 and 1-15-69, San Bernardino – Interestingly enough, the co-features were from Olympic International!

The story that led up to the creation of this film is well known to fans of David F. Friedman’s commentaries on DVDs, as Mabe was working with the “Mighty Monarch of the Exploitation Field” on a string of films from 1965 to 1968. Working on Space Thing, the Director was aiming for a lavish production for it’s kind by bringing in his girlfriend as a Costume Designer when Friedman wanted more skin and “Ticket Sellers” for what was the last in the cheap Nudies before moving onto better productions like Starlet. Mabe was fired from the set, went looking for some acting work (a few years before being upstaged by the dogs in The Doberman Gang), and making this twisted flick with the stars of Space Thing! While Space Thing made the audiences laugh at it’s cheapness and gaze at the women on the screen for years, The Bushwacker possibly made audiences mainly go “DAFAQ?!!” as the movie went on it’s sick way through the sin-emas, dirty Drive Ins, and Downtown Dives for only a few.


4-4-69, at the Mayan 21 with Joe Sarno’s the Layout!

6-6-69, Pittsburgh – At the Art Theater today with the games People Play using the iconic image from the ads of The Rape, Both of these films were Distributed on the East Cost through Chancellor.


6-22-69, Long Beach – Playing at a cheap competition to the Pussycat chain, this ad lied as Sister in Leather was B&W. Once again, the image from the ads of The Rape was used!!!

st-louis-6-27-696-27-69, St. Louis – At the infamous Olympic Drive In!!! Once again, this was an East Cost presentation from Chancellor with one of the Barry Mahon Lady Chatterly films!

7-19-69, San Antonio – At the Studio with Confessions of a Psycho Cat!

8-8-69 – another showing with a Mahon/Fanny Hill flick, this one with the second ad campaign.

9-13-69, Bridgeport, Conn. – By this time, Majestic Art Cinema had a program of an Adult flick and one serious film.

More ads should be found later. Stay tuned!
For more information and a class-SICK trailer on the page, you know where to go!


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One Response to “The Something Weird Video Time Machine – The Bushwacker”

  1. I love these oddball films as much as the next maniac, but ‘Bushwacker’ is just too damn strange.

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