Screen 13’s Random Sleaze Trip!

la-3-6-70-grouping3-6-70, LA – This set includes what’s possibly the first unleashed film to have been inspired by the “Manson Family”.


12-5-69 – …and here’s the first showing of this very interesting flick. Someone unearth this!

Tonight, I’ll just post some freaky ad captures that have caught my eye. Random madness from the screen freak scene.


6-5-70, LA – This would be interesting to see, even if it was an example of how WTF White Coat flicks got.


12-18-70, Ottawa, Ontario – While l’amour physique looks like a good one the B in this double feature is a rare catch from 1963 featuring John Drew Barrymore and a bunch of young Italian teens including Marie Pia Conte, Antonella Lualdi, and Michel Lemonie ready to party in a castle and get possessed by demons. This is also AKA as Sexy Party and Death on the Fourposter. It’s sole US showings were through TV distributed by Medallion in it’s 20/20 Package unleashed in March, 1965.


12-12-69, LA – I don’t think you can get the All Male Frankenstein de Sade anywhere, but it seems like something those who are into these films might want to take a look at.


1-8- and 1-15-71, Seymour, Indiana – I’m sure that Cinecom built up it’s short lived cinema mini-empire on the back of the fact that they had the Childhood Productions line they bought when they first started. The cinema economics moved them away from the matinee stuff to the Adult movies, a coupe of which were handled by their Chevron wing including Ann and Eve. This theater shortly went to having one mainstream feature on one screen and Adult on the other until it’s demise due to the company going Chapter 11.


2-8-70, LA – The Mayan was showing all kinds of films that were already played a lot by this ad, but they still filled screens through the Early 70s. The Park and Avon were on the All Male scene.


5-15-70, Reading, PA – Gary Graver’s The Kill was promoted with a cute Adult Comic bit at the Park, a theater that turned to these films by Late 1969. such was the economics of the business for some screens to move with the times.


12-3-71, Louisville – I Drink Your Blood and I Eat Your Skin was a big hit on the DI circuit, but some papers still wanted to block out the titles, but the artwork was a dead giveaway. HG Lewis’ A Taste of Blood was #4.

york-pa-3-12-713-12-71, York, PA – While Invitation to Ruin had a very distinct campaign, this just used a pretty woman. Thankfully, the customers got to meet the infamous Mama Lupo on the screen.


9-8-72, LA – 1972 was a year of sordid flicks and edgy advertising that was actually seen by the public. I miss that.


6-23-72, Chicago – One of the more complete ads for Love Under 17, a regular at the Drive Ins through The 70’s.


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