Witchcraft ’70 – Screen 13’s Road Trip Part One

detroit-9-30-709-30-70, Detroit! – At the Michigan Theater, this early showing featured the collectible Anti-Hex Chain gimmick.At that time, Detroit had a Church of Satan Grotto.

Although it’s understandable that there are those who look down on the American edit of Luigi Scattini’s Angeli bianchi…angeli neri made more exploitative, it should be seen as one of the more interesting releases of the Early 70’s that played across The States. The US release was put together with moments created by the camerwork of Lee Frost, who’s work on Olympic International’s “Mondo” series was essential in giving this an edge (and there are some serious Mondo moments in Mondo Bizarro!)/ Using the growing interest in the Occult as a subculture to bring in it’s audience, Witchcraft ’70 did the business for a few years including being in several AIP-released triple bill shows – Trans American was the edgy division of the legendary parent company that released films which were seen as being too out there for AIP, but perfect enough to make money from released under another wing, and that’s about right considering titles like Sadismo.

The out-there nature of the film, which features more interesting footage of The Church of Satan’s early days among the eye-catchers, brought in an interesting collection of Bs featured to go with it.


10-2-70, Pittsburgh.
lowell-mass-10-16-7010-16-70, Lowell, Mass. – This incredible triple feature includes on of the finest early Horror flicks, The Head. Cult of the Damned was originally released as Angel, Angel Down We Go in 1969.



10-14-70, Toledo – Hammer-Time in the Glass City happened with the B, which was a re-tiitle for The Devil Rides Out, one of the studio’s standout films of all time.


12-11-70, Albuquerque

2-5- and 2-12-71, Colorado Springs – FREE SKULLS!!! Wonder if anyone still has theirs (plastic, I’m sure!)


2-26-71, Anniston, Alabama – Massimo Dallamano’s cult classic gaillo featuring Luciana Paluzzi was the Midway’s pick for the B.

2-5-71, West Palm Beach – With the classic Venus in Furs and Sadismo, a Mondo on the edge that caused a stir.


5-19-71, Corbin, KY – A perfect fit! The B here is Jess Franco’s psychedelic dream with James Darren and Barbara McNair which played a bit in 1970, although not as much as it deserved.


8-20-71, Fayetteville, Arkansas – This time, Brandon Chase’s Threesome gets the B.


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