Olympic International Class-Sicks at the Holiday Drive In, Odessa, TX, 1969 (Part One?)

odessa-7-25-697-25-69 – Olympic International’s The Slave and Once Upon a Knight was showing at the Holiday DI, Odessa, TX.

Odessa’s Holiday Drive In on the Interstate 20 Service Road east of McKinney and Commanchie Trail Parks was originally the Twin Vue, a double screen that also had a seating area. By the time it reopened for it’s longer-lasting incarnation, it was occasionally using a screen for Adults Only shows among it’s shows by the Late 60’s which included plenty of Exploitation and some Spanish films (I wonder if the seating was still around by then!). This will seriously be a theater for more research, but for right now in this time to actually get things moving in another interesting direction with a small group of Olympic International films that stopped by the Holiday in 1969.

9-19-69 – While a film like Omasu Yamashita’s The Adolescent would seriously be a serious jaw-dropper today, it’s subject was no stranger to the Art/Adult theater circuits back in the day. Not much of the Director’s work is known, and this just may be the only one that made it to the US market through Bob Cresse’s company. I think it played Detroit for two weeks back in 1968!

The B was an older film from the company’s vault, and something more on the Cutie side.


10-24-69 – Another Cresse-related double featuring one then-current film and one class-sick. House on Bare Mountain should be seen as a great example of Olympic’s lighter side.


11-21-69 – The Satanist has been thankfully restored and presented in the world of Blu Ray! The film was re-visioned in color as Terror at Orgy Castle, but the theme seriously fits the B&W style better.

odessa-12-19-6912-19-69 – this time, Olympic paired Max Pecas’ Heat of Midnight with Claude Lelouch’s Night Women.

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