Roadshow Research Update: Showings in the 70’s

philadelphia-5-43-74-abortion5-4-74, Trevose, PA – Found another ad for this interesting presentation that must have caused a sensation where it played. Following the Roe Vs. Wade decision, someone had the idea to add footage of abortions to the Birth of Triplets show. Maybe Claude Alexander, the one who brought the original four unit show, was the one behind this, but we may never know. This was possibly the only Roadshow playing through the 70’s that was more serious than the older films that were already being treated like so-bad-they’re-good films. 

akron-6-29-79anniston-12-9-796-29-79, Akron and 12-9-79, Anniston – Doris Wishman’s infamous Let Me Die a Woman must have been more successful than thought with each finding of an ad. True, it was a one-week or sometimes one-weekend only happening in most areas, but it played as both StrangeHer (as it played Toledo and other areas in 1974) and it’s best known title in a lot of areas.


7-6-79, Green Bay – Using the “Divine-look” ad to grab an audience for this cool triple play.


1-18-74, Chicago – Speaking of StrangeHer, here’s a small ad I must have looked over, playing at the Monroe as part of a 90 Cent Double Feature with “What a Night” which may be Mario Bava’s Four Times That Night.

troy-6-7-72-close-up6-2-72, Troy, NY – I don’t think I posted this ad for StrangeHer here, This is one of the very early showings of the edit that did not feature Leslie, the star of Let Me Die a Woman.

detroit-8-10-738-10-73, Detroit – Following up on the success of the re-release of Reefer Madness, New Line unleashed the return of Sex Madness which was not as big, but did some business.


4-28-72, Anniston – I seriously love this Triplets ad with the Midnight Show featuring a David F. Friedman classic.


11-6-81, Nashville – I’m still wondering if this is a re-issue of Let Me Die a Woman. If anyone knows, please write!


8-25-78, Akron – Although this was the 70’s, there must have been a certain fascination with Test Tube Babies that was still shocking then.

detroit-12-15-7112-15-71, Detroit – Teenage Mother was one of Jerry Gross’ first major successes, helped by Arlene Farber’s performance. I’m sure that to some, playing it with I Eat Your Skin must have been odd, but that was the way they sometimes played them back then. It was for all the better, too!

~ by screen13 on October 29, 2016.

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