Do the Triple “Back” – Got Your Back, Part 3

11-4-64 – Whipping it good with John Amero and Michael Findlay’s Body of a Female at the Studio.

From a Rialto Report with John Amero that should be checked out including some great promotional materials. Go to their site for more!

Going though some of the recent ad captures, I noticed that I missed some of the ones I was looking for in the past two installments. As there are many projects floating around, I tend to lose track quick so before I forget…


10-3-75 – Forbidden Sexuality was first promoted with a nice bare back with only a little bit of blocking.


10-10-75 – Then it was covered up as if the world should not see a nice looking back int he movie ads. It’s do-feature was Jess Franco’s Sinner/Diary of a Nympho which got US Distribution from Howard Mahler Films (who also picked up The Demons).


5-6-77, San Antonio – Not only did they throw in a dog, the Aztec slipped in the famous line form the promotion of The Lickerish Quartet from Andy Warhol. I still need to see this one!


9-22-72, Poughkeepsie – This double dose of Cinecom ad action featured Strangers which was closed but still letting you know what you’re getting on the screen with that X and the censored title at the bottom.

detroit-11-24-7211-24-72, Detroit – Now that’s a nice way to sleaze things up!


4-13-73, Chicago – The Sensuous Suzanne may have been drawn, but it had that Early 70’s naughtiness to it.

chi4-6-73cinestage philadelphia-5-24-67-studio

5-24-67 – The Studio looks like it’s promoting a couple of cool Roughies. Need to see them!


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