Los Angeles Memories – 1969 (and 1 from 1970)

11-21-69, LA gets a very “Educational” movie at the Left Bank Theater, which was best known before and after this as the Monica, or the “Monica ‘Cat” to the fans of it’s incarnation as a Pussycat Theater. Later, it turned into Tomcat as an All Male cinema and then Studs at the Pussycat continuing that theme.

long-beach-3-14-693-14-69, Los Angeles – The Mayan 21 (as in 21 and over) operates with three theaters complete with something for everyone…or age, of course! The theater was bought by Carlos Tobalina in later in 1969, something that would explain the words of films being made in the basement. In its history since opening in 1927 was a mix of being a lavish theater, a movie house, a second-run movie house, a Burlesque theater (known for having Marilyn Monroe on the stage), and an Arthouse theater before it’s Late 60’s-1970’s era as an Adult cinema. After surviving the cut of promotion form the Los Angeles Times in 1977 due to it’s stop on Porn advertising, it’s alive and well as a regular theater.

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4-4-69, Theater A has two “Weird”-tastic flicks: Joe Sarno’s The Layout and Byron Mabe’s The Bushwacker!


3-21-69, LA – Like it Is  is William Rotselr’s flick that claims to be a documentary, but we seriously know that it’s an excuse to show off more cute hippie chicks in psychedelic settings with some real footage here and there. Rotsler’s reputation and taste was well above the norm for the time, resulting in a very watchable experience in Sexy Soft Psych Sex.

4-25-69 – The Mayan’s ads get smaller, but the three theaters were still showing films that partially built the house of Something Weird Video including the infamous Invitation to Ruin! I wonder if “Pearl” was The Hot Pearl Snatch. “Boy Films” was just a way of saying All Male back in the day.

la-4-25-69-hard-road-hooker-sequence-sunset4-25-69 – The camera for The Hard Road caught this title on the Sunset Marquee! You might remember this…



3-14-69 – It’s certainly not the Arm Pit of Horror! Censors are “Bloody” annoying, no “can be” about it!


10-31-69 – Maybe it was OK if the film was playing outside of the main city limits, I guess…


11-28-69 – Sappho Darling actually made it to the Pussycats! Not a bad way for Al Zugsmith to end the 60’s!

12-26-69 – I Want More was a fake Documentary featuring one good scene featuring a biker gang doing their thing and a naked woman on a motorcycle in an abandoned house which was the Psychedelic Temple used in the classic The Trip – the scenes where Dennis Hopper takes center stage. The famed and infamous place filled with graffiti and artwork all along it’s wall was in the Chinatown district and in a beyond-sad state by 1969 – anyone settling there had to be evicted in 1970 shortly after this showing.


8-21-69 – THIRD BASE! OK, enough with the “Who’s On First” bit – I guess the powers that be decided that “Pot” was too strong a word to be used in an advertisement. The Star was one of the smaller cinemas in Long Beach. While all of the Adult theaters in the LA area and suburbs had their share of B-level flicks, this group of four were more consistent with them. I think this was what David F. Friedman called the Main Street Theaters that would play more of the East Coast and second-level West coast movies.


5-1-70 – So, “Erotico” was wrong, but Eros was OK…This Barry Mahon-a-thon played at the group of four smaller sin-emas in the area

7-4-69 – The feel-like-you-have-to-take-a-shower double bill of the year featuring some of the best camerawork of Lee Frost. Love Camp 7 proved that whipping up a quick sick flick at David F. Friedman’s offices on Cordova Street and making it look like a real film was no mean feat – getting props from a real big collector helped, too!


1-24-69 – Love Camp 7 appeared with what could have been bonus footage from the movie You. Olympic Internationals two-way mirror was very infamous, but certainly not unique to the business.

long-beach-3-7-69-milligan3-7-69 – The Star in Long Beach tries to go the “Underground” Midnight show route. The Degenerates is one of the lost Andy Milligan films the word deserves to see once more.


9-5-69 – A couple of films Distributed through Chancellor in the New York City area get a West Coast sub which usually plays them in the smaller theaters like the Star in Long Beach.


11-29-69 – The Fanny Hill brand saw Barry Mahon’s films go into more smaller cinemas at least. The Europa is the New Beverly Cinema, now a revival house. Don’t know much about the Top Hat – possibly a store front.

7-11-69 – Leaving LA for now with this classy ad for Starlet, produced by the one and only David F. Friedman!


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  1. stunning collection of mouth-watering ephemera, as always…many thanks!

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