Got Your Back! The “Back”ing That Sold the Film


10-2-70, Akron – A very rare sighting of this ad of Mac Ahlberg’s Fanny Hill featuring Diana Kjaer’s back. In this appearance in Akron, it’s featured with Inga at the Summit and East Drive Ins. These two films built up Cinemation in the early years before I Drink Your Blood/I Eat Your Skin turned into a runaway hit in 1971.


10-16-70 – Arlene Farber’s slight show of her back with her feline friend in Female Animal, Jerry Gross’ hit film which also brought Cinemation into the business in a big way.

To bring a sexier meaning to the catchphrase “Got Your Back”, here’s a collection ads that feature some nice looking backs through the ages. A classic way to promote in Sexploitation and general Exploitation, these are among the most effective ads ever – wish they would do more of that today.


12-11-70, Albuquerque – I think that this was Titus Moody’s X-Rated fling. A hard to find happening that may have had a drawn ad, but something that was pretty good in it’s low budget way. The film featured Marsha Jordan, one of the very familiar faces in Sexploitation through the Mid 60’s to Mid 70’s.

columbus-oh-4-3-704-3-70, Columbus, OH – This Art Theater Guild promotion for the Underground Cinema 12 might make some find out if the 12 stood for Midnight or something else! Of course you know what time it is.


7-27-70, LA – This ad for Ann and Eve is “back” in here as well. This Swedish flick Distributed in the States by the short lived Chevron, a division of Cinecom, did OK, but seemed tame in comparison to the Documentaries on Denmark that were the rage at the time. Still, more Gio Petre and Marie Liljedhal, the better!


1-16-71, Colorado Springs – This ad for He and She, another in the long line of White Coat films of the day, has one of the few with the co-ed style.

2-26-82, Nashville – Not one of the D’Amato flicks, but a film made in Japan and released in Canada and possibly America by Cinepix (did it have a NYC office then?) starring Kimi Taguchi. Originally from 1975, but nobody cared.


11-14-75, Poughkeepsie, NY  – We all need a little Christina Lindberg…ad in our lives.  Maybe more than a little!


1-19-68, Detroit – With Marion Michael’s classic pose, Nature Girl and the Slaver could have played anytime and anywhere. Here, the Fox (yeah, we know what you’re thinking!) teamed it up with Playgirls and the Bell Boy, Co-Directed by future legend Francis Ford Coppola. Warming up the Winter after the infamous Summer of 1967!


11-20-58, Wilmington, Delaware – Marion’s “Back” once again with Liane, Jungle Goddess, this time with Plan 9 from Outer Space. It’s your choice, the German Jungle Girl, Vampira, or both!

10-8-71, Anniston – Two ads “Back to Back” of New World goodness. Woodstock also had a lot of back…and mud! That Ladies Only Special seemed to be for the wrong kind of movie, though, but I’m sure some would have went.

detroit-9-23-599-13-59, Clawson, MI – One of the very rare ads for the Cinema 14 (meaning 14 Mile Road!) featuring one of it’s Art films. The Clawson Theater tried to go into the Mature Audience trend for a while.


4-18-58, Detroit area – Another ad from the Metro Area’s “Back” Pages of Art Cinemas!


5-1-70, LA – If you’re going for the art, go for the greats. Radley Metzger’s films seriously had a class to them. This showing of The Libertine was with Haven International’s Juliette de Sade.


8-20-75, Detroit – Another Metzger presentation, Naked Came the Stranger ran into a lot of trouble at the Studio North in a time when things were seriously changing for the repressed. The Studio North survived for a long time and I think it’s final days were with the Mohney theaters (correct me if I’m wrong here).

8-7-63, Albuquerque – JD types brought in the DG’s and every other kind of rebel and dirty mind, which seriously made Naked Youth a fit with Beauty and the Cave. It’s sordid tale was perfect for the Drive Ins that played it edgy.


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