Got Your Back is Back


10-31-75, Rochester, NY and Asbury Park, NJ, 3-20-76 – The drawing seriously rocks – there I said it! Fongaluli was a humorous and absurd take on Porno, and it had some success. Directed by Ed Seeman/Edwardo Cemano, this was for those looking for something different in an arena where the customers were looking for something “deep” that certainly was not the in the story, so it went here and there to only some success. It reportedly did good business in Canada (Looking for the reported double shows with The Sting…), and the ad seriously had something to do with it. The story is about a Professor getting into the LSD-like effects of the Fongaluli and imagining a lobster turning into a woman, which has made some reviewers look at the film with an WTF attitude but has gathered up some fans who look more into the beyond.


2-4-75, Ottawa, Ontario at it’s own Pussycat (I’m sure no relation to the famed chain in California).

The US release was Distributed through Screencom International (Love Swedish Style).

la-2-4-66-rent-a-girl2-4-66, LA, with the censored version of the ad playing at the Monica. The real title was Rent-a-Girl.


11-1-67, San Bernardino with the complete vision. Cambist had some classic promotions in the 60’s.


5-5-67, San Antonio – This one has some serious back to it plus a nice side shot drawing for Barry Mahon’s Crazy Wild and Crazy! Aroused is a definition of the word “torrid” and one of the most dramatic Adult films of it’s time.


7-14-65, Detroit – The Copenhagen Call Girls were waiting for you.


3-12-72, San Antonino – More of a side shot drawing, but the boots make it happen!


11-12-71, Chicago – The American Sexual Revolution was one of the many Documentaries that played around a lot.


10-4-74, Pittsburgh – Forbidden Love played around through the Mid 70’s first with this ad…


6-18-65, San Antonio – Body of a Female was the breakthrough for Michael and Roberta Findlay.


10-23-64, San Antonio – There’s a problem and you have to whip it! Or something like that…


10-8-76, Albuquerque – At the 66 DI, I wonder what happened in the “Back” rows (Ha! Ha!). While this is stretching the concept a little, there’s no denying that Street Girls had a good campaign! So did the R-Rated flick with the title too hot to print with the leggy ad (Penthouse Playgirls).


8-31-68, West Palm Beach – The Naked Youth girl is back, but I have a feeling that the program is seriously different. The Playboy Theater was one of the many places that plays like the Something Weird Video collection, of which Help Wanted Female is among the the titles.


7-19-67, Detroit – Elizabeth James puts her Go-Go Boot down in this famous pose for The Born Losers, the film that introduced Billy Jack to the screen world, although this one has a little more “back” to it even with a jacket on. In my personal opinion, this was the best of Tom Laughlin’s films not just because of it being a Biker Epic, but because of the excellence of the actors all around (Jeremy Slate is brilliant!) and the very powerful story which was certainly believable and not just focused on Billy. Seriously, if you want to see a Billy Jack film, choose this before the others.

Elizabeth James also co-wrote the script, too – the name on the ads was an AKA in true Laughlin/TC Frank fashion!


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