Chicago-land Arthouse Memories and More – Early 1960’s: Post One

4-15-63 – With so may excellent choices, you may have wished you would clone yourself! Promoted with an ad featuring Marion Michael from Liane, Jungle Goddess looking at you (although she would not be in any of the films!) the Kholberg-owned Starlite had HG Lewis’ Lucky Pierre and Daughter of the Sun, the Brigitte Bardot film Naughty Girl, and something called Nature’s Island of Love which could more likely be the Tony Randall/Walter Matthau Comedy.

The 53 has a show that’s mainly Hitchcock films while the Oasis is seriously 50-50 with the classic Young Lions featuring Marlon Brando playing with a Jerry Lewis film. The Harlem is having a Sci Fi night, perfect for the family.

Going back to where a lot of my ad hunting started with the Chicago area, here’s a nice small selection of Arthouse ads and a few Drive In shows of serious interest. This was a time when some sordid Drama shunned to the margins by the film industry would play the Adults Only places usually with a Nudie Cutie. The results are always fascinating.

4-12-62 – The Capri, ran by Thomas Dowd (the Producer of a few HG Lewis/David F. Friedman Nudie Cuties including Goldilocks and The Three Bares) ran a classic mind-twist of a program: A Nudie Cutie and Peeping Tom! The Loop was running Voodoo Village, one of the many Roadshow “Shock”umentaries of the day released in 1958 promoted with an “Imported Voodoo Doll”!


10-19-62 – This super show at the Starlite featured two held-over movies added onto the three which were picked to play that weekend, Something Weird Video fans will instantly recognize them on the spot!


1-1-65 – A great group of ads! The Monroe was playing Sexploitation starting around the Early 60’s-Late 50’s mainly as a way to stay in the business, but it was a plan that worked until the Mid 70’s. Sadly, the World closed up shop around 1972, and it might have been out of declining to join the Porn trend. The Capri shows what could be the Eva Bartok film Naked In the Night as Naked Las Vegas – only a guess as For Love (ers) and Others was Distributed by Sam Lake.


1-15-65 – Girl in Trouble is a serious and Dramatic film that was Directed by “Lee Beale” better known as Brandon Chase later founder of Group 1 Films while Nude in Charcoal was one of the early films involving the legendary Joseph A. Sarno.


1-15-65 – The Plaza Art, a theater that closed a couple of years later, was showing the instant audience grabber Two Women. The eye-catching vision Eleonora Brown was both memorable and maybe a bit troubling if you have seen the film as her character is raped, a bit for the Adult cinema ghouls who like their serious films on the Rough side – hence the use of “Shocking!” next to her. It’s co-feature was The Seducers and the Plaza Playmates were roaming around.


10-1-65 – A fine gathering of films plus a classic small teaser ad for Ecco at the World and Town theaters.


2-14-64 – Violated Paradise was exciting enough to get playdates in the Early 60’s for it’s exotic value alone – the topless Japanese Pearl Divers were what the customers wanted – but today it’s only for the seriously devoted of the genre…yeah, I’m in that group of viewers Prelude to Ecstasy was a German film released in The US through Manson, who I think handled the worldwide (outside of the US and Canada) Distribution of Two Thousand Maniacs, or I think Blood Feast – correct me if I’m wrong with my memory of seeing it’s logo on a video.

A bit from Prelude’s original language version from Germany that has legs!


5-8-64 – There will be more later on. Winding this up with another Capri ad for now.


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