Research Update – Greenville, SC DI Action and More!

philadelphia-2-16-682-16-68, Philadelphia – Here’s a cool ad for the Something Weird/Gruesome Twosome show that’s a rare find!


12-12-69, Philadelphia – Before December, 1969, Satan’s Sadists was that Biker flick that had some shock to it which stood out. Around Mid-1969, the film had a serious promotional kick by using it’s production at the infamous Spahn Ranch as the spark to sell the violent world of Satan’s Sadists as comparable to The Manson Family although it certainly was not despite the fact that Russ Tamblyn was very convincing as the murderous leader. Certainly tasteless, but that’s a plus in the world of Exploitation.

More Phila Action later! Now is a good time to unleash some ads from Greenville, SC. Any place that had Malatista’s Carnival of Blood must have had good connections to the B-Level Movie Distributors and Sub-Distributors because the Early 70’s was filled with good stuff! There’s no better way than to move onto the classic triple play of all time!


12-9-73, Greenville, NC – Another spotting of the Gore Trilogy that never stopped playing. Get the point(s)?


5-19-72, Greenville – Milligan-Mania at the Belmont with The Rats are Coming The Werewolves are Here and The Man With Two Heads. Better get more Milligan stuff on here, I think!


12-8-72, Greenville, SC – Around 1970, The Jerry Lewis Cinemas were aimed for bringing Family-level G and PG Level entertainment as a response to the growing interest in Adult and R-Rated films. Well, that plan was 86’ed pretty quick! It was Co-distributed in some territories through Duffy, the Maron Films Adult wing that also had The Cult/The Love Cult/Together Girls.


5-12-72, Greenville, SC – Nitemare in Wax? Alright, I’ll say OK on the hip spelling. This ad is seriously cool, and to show that it’s 1972, Beast of Blood (Actually a GP, I think) was clearly OK for the families! Greenville was a serious Drive In  area and knew cheap special effects when they saw them!


2-8-73, Greenville, SC – Regional Action heads this double at the Ceder Lane DI, which seriously screamed Passion Pit on many nights! The Sin of Adam and Eve was one of the first hits of Dimension Pictures – the 70’s one!

12-15-72, Greenville, SC – Another cool find of the Dead End Girls! Dig the legs!

3-2-73, Greenville, SC – Speaking of regional, you have yo love any showing of a Pat Patterson flick playing in the Carolinas! Boots and The Preacher’s trailer rocked in it’s $1.95 kind of way.

2-8-74, Greenville, SC – Road of Death at the White Horse DI. Directed by Rene Martinez, Jr, who later made the incredibly must-see bad film The Guy from Harlem!

12-15-72, Greenville, SC – The Dirtiest Girl I Ever Met was child’s play for 1972 as this Brit Flick by Peter Walker was one of his Cuties dressed up as an Adult flick originally called Cool It, Carol. I actually like the film as a nice slice of 1970, but playing it in 1972 under that title must have left a lot of customers looking for entertainment in the back seat. Three in the Attic was the AIP hit from 1969 re-issued, but the real psycho win was The Psycho Lover!

Walker would make his mark in a series of sordid Horror flicks that showed more of his talents later on.


11-24-75, Indianapolis – Any ad featuring the Switchblade Sisters is great, this one with Naughty Nymphs. At the Shadeland, Johnny Firecloud is playing. Sadly, the South 81 got Gone with the West…Not B Funny!


10-9-76, Alexandrea, Louisiana – I’ll wrap this update up with this classic Horror show led by a great film by Dario Argento. Although edited for the US market ad picked up by one of the many New York City based distributors, it still played so many Drive Ins and lower-level theaters that at least a good number of fans were made (and I’m sure none of them were the local critics who actually promoted these films with their rants!)


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