Maid in Sweden, Christina Lindberg, and the Rise of the 70’s EuroSex

4-19-72, Detroit area – It’s time for some serious Christina Lindberg (b. 1950) stuff at The Scene. The collection of They Call Her One-Eye is still growing, but I feel that right now is the time to capture a few ads for her breakthrough Maid in Sweden. The first post is starting in the right style with a double-up with the classic Trash in the Detroit area.

Directed by Dan Wolman, this tale of a country girl who has adventures in the city was a big winner in the market filled with Early 70’s cinemas that welcomed the chances to play Adult films in  an era when Porn was just starting to explode but not yet take over. By this time, it was only a couple of months before something called Deep Throat would change things around, but this would usher in a popular genre that was legit in Europe but too hot for the States hinted at by many Art films of the 60’s and UMC’s 1970 release of Eva was Everything but Legal. By the end of the year, the EuroSex scene took over where the White Coat films left, many of them officially getting an R rating and bringing in many “curious” customers until at least 1975 when these films started to go into Last Run Drive In play.

The road paved by Joe Sarno’s Inga was starting to be traveled on, and the numerous Documentaries on the rage in Denmark both “Doctored” and all real were the finishing touches, but the drivers were not too careful. The danger was a part of the attraction.

Next up on her US hit list, The Depraved!


1-28-72, Pittsburgh at the Fulton Mini in it’s second week. The audience can’t get enough of that “Vim”!


3-17-72, Conelsville, PA – Here’s a clash of the beautiful and the ugly presented by Cannon Films. Joe is a great film starring the one and only Peter Boyle and should be seen by everyone into the films of that era.


3-31-72, St. Joseph, MO – At the Plaza Theater, the ad sadly did not think about putting in any photo of Christina.


4-6-72, Youngstown – Another double with The Erotic Three, directed by Alex Matter and originally known as Scratch Harry on it’s release in 1969.


2-25-72, Chicago – In the Imported EuroSex competition, The School Girls – the first Schoolgirl Report film – was bringing in the customers around the same time. disguised as something of a Documentary, this was good old fashioned ooh la la in an advanced 1970’s style that had many sequels imitators which sometimes were wilder than this. Although the attraction to playing or viewing these films was certainly one of seeing how far they can go in The 70’s, I’m sure some of the audience in the States apart from the obvious deviants and those who were “curious” (for real) seriously knew of the contrasts between the acceptance of sexuality in Europe and the rather restrictive attitudes of The US caught in the Nixon Era. These were like the button pushing films of The 50’s and 60’s without the intense dramatic seriousness as if some Producers new why Monica: The Story of a Bad Girl made it big and Summer With Monka hardly went beyond the art houses sand catching on to the tends of the White Coat flicks started in 1969. .

By this time, Sweden and Denmark were code words for any movie that could get away with these kind of things.


4-8-72, Kansas City – Fine Films was the company of Billy Fine, who’s name was within the story of the making of Savage Streets. Fine had some success in the early 70’s with the Sexploitation side of things before he moved on.


4-28-72, Masillion, OH – this small ad at least shows a little image even if it was for To Hex with Sex, a neat film distributed by RAF which played for years and even had a promotional record at some showings!


5-12-72, Alton, Illinois –

4-18-72, Ottawa – Christina invades Canada!


…while The School girls invade Indianapolis! Radley Metzger’s Camille 2000 was on the same program!


…while Lowell, Mass also had a visit from The School Girls with Love Doctors and Two Lane Blacktop! A salute to any theater that promoted any the School Girls with a fake R rating.


6-23-72, Chicago – Veit Rilen’s Love Under 17 was making plenty of waves in the Drive In Circuit. Presented by United International Pictures, this played for a long time through the decade. The Miracle of Love was the German “White Coat” film featured in the classic Taxi Driver scene.


6-9-72, Spokane, WA at the infamous Y Drive In, home to many Exploitation spectacle through the years.


6-23-72, Chicago – A look into the Love Customs of Scandinavia played with the once-seen-never-unseen Inga the Animal Lover!

4-7-72, Chicago


7-28-72, Chicago – The first of Hemisphere’s pickups of the Singing films of Erwin C. Dietrich that played for years!

9-8-72, from a Mansfield paper, Maid in Sweden was already getting respected enough to show with some big hits!

sanantonio9-1-72 9-1-72, San Antonio – The classic sleazy ad for Teenage Sex Report!


10-27-72, Pontiac, Illinois – More Report action across the Midwest!

11-11-72, Toledo at the Franklin Park and Maumee Drive Ins with Wedding Night.


12-27-72, Toledo – A more edgy brand of Schoolgirl film was already closing out the year in this double bill.


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