Sleaze in 1973 Research Update!

9-29-73, Akron – Time to dive into 1973 once again for more sin on the screen. Just sit back and enjoy the ads!


5-9-73, Detroit – the psychotic Horror of the Baby made it to the Motor City in a few mainstream cinemas!


5-18-73, El Paso – Believe it or not, this was a PG back in the day. A cool sick flick!


4-20-73, Gastonia, NC – Creepy, creepy, and actually cool. A very bleak film, the Candy Snatchers payed around.

5-16-73, Detroit area – The Candy Snatchers made it to the Drive In circuit in Detroit.


6-22-73, Fort Walton Beach, Florida – A very eerie and rare find of an ad here. .

detroit-1973-2-28-73-hell2-28-73, Detroit – I’m sure there were problems in getting every daughter and every son to see a film that was officially rated X, but then it was Detroit in 1973…who knows?


10-26-73 Detroit – This Cinemation film was not among their biggest hits, but it had some business.

detroit-12-14-7312-14-73, Detroit – This cool sick flick had some strong playdates. In the Downtown area, it was at the Adams.


3-7-73, Louisville, KY – This is one of the best ads for Scream Bloody Murder. I’ll look for the review!

11-21-73, Pittsburgh – Gee wonder what’s missing from this ad…


4-14-73, Des Moines  – Maybe this is a hint…

9-24-73, El Dorado, Arkansas – This wicked showing of the “Gore-Nography” flick was with The Wizard of Gore!


~ by screen13 on October 22, 2016.

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