Ginger’s Hot Triple Play – Winter 1974

anderson-in-11-22-7411-22-74, Anderson, IN – The Ginger Trilogy was seriously big news for Drive Ins. Cheri Caffaro’s  sleaze and violence films seriously lived up to the hype and played well for years. My first experience was with the second, The Abductors, the one that starts off with a very intense kidnap scene that might make some viewers think that someone slipped in something else for  few seconds. Shortly after The Abductors played out as a main feature, someone had the great idea to slap these three of the films together for one classic Mid 70’s show in time when the Drive Ins were playing greatest packages hits more often.

Until I dig up some more ads, this sees to have played the Midwest to some success in the Winter of 1974


10-4-74, Piqua, Ohio  – I seriously wonder if Ginger was the real deal or an impostor, but only those who remember being there can say. Also, I’m guessing that gift was a poster. Still, this is one hell of an ad!


11-29-74, Detroit area (Taylor and Warren) – A very handsome ad featuring the classic first film mat and the slightly risky photo used for the Abductors.


3-22-74, Akron – Just an excuse to show the spicy ad for The Abductors with the third feature being a dramatic 1967 film that looks great and slightly controversial for the time.


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One Response to “Ginger’s Hot Triple Play – Winter 1974”

  1. Man oh man these are among my all time favorite films…a few of my first discoveries when realizing what these films were…

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