Sin Cinema Report – Studio – Philadelphia – Focus Year: 1967 (Part One)

2-3-67 – It’s been too long that I focused on one theater, so here’s  post to finally bring another Sin Center into focus. The Studio was one of the many city theaters that decided to play something with a bit of skin, in this case And God Created Woman, stirred up some controversy, and never looked back until it closed up shop. the ads hardly censored, and actually added on to the sin in a couple of them!

At that time, most of the other Adult movie ads in the Philadelphia papers were just word-only promotions in the listing, but thankfully the Studio knew how to bring in the customers. Many of their shows look like that the programmed only wanted the best and proven, which in this scene was not a bad thing considering what played.

1-20-67 – One of the few advertisements that had no shame in printing the title of the Rape.

2-17-67 – The hit of 1966 makes it to the Studio for two weeks in a theater that usually stuck to one per show.


3-24-67 – Honey is possibly Beyond the Valley of the Lost, but I hope that someday a print is found good enough to get into the digital age as soon as possible. I first caught the trailer on the “Legend”ary Sleazemania collections.


3-31-67 – Another showing of the infamous Roughie that had two different tales, one of them being Follow that Skirt, which thankfully was found and was unleashed through Something Weird Video. Originally a stand-alone short, the tale of a murderous cross-dresser still remains a stand-alone in that it was something that made the modern viewer who has seen a lot to think that the Director must have been a fan of Blood Feast.


3-10-67 – Doris Wishman’s classic showed up  with Girl With an Itch.


3-17-67 – Libertad Leblanc from films like the Pink Pussy (Where Sin Lives) is the star attraction in one of the many imported films sold as sleaze. Directed by Emilio Vieyra (The Curious Dr. Humpp), this was distributed through CIP (Banned, Teenage Gang Debs). The Girl from S.I.N. was another of it’s releases.


6-2-67 – Hip, Hot,and 21 was a film starring Lorna Maitland that was Directed by Dale Berry.

5-19-67 – I seriously know nothing about these films, but I’m sure that they had something to look at.


4-7-67 – Unholy Matrimony was one of two films unleashed by Arcanum which payed the Sin Circuit for a few years.

6-16-67 – The Love Cult was the other Arcanum film. Infidelity American Style was released through Chancellor.


4-14-67 – A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine was one of David F. Friedman’s best films. Featuring Stacey Walker, who left the movie scene shortly after this and the short But, Charlie, I never Played Volleyball, this torrid tease flick played for a long time in the circuit. Look for the Producer, who helped to see My Tale is Hot get released after moving to California, in a couple of cameos.


4-21-67 – At the Studio, a Radley Metzger presentation gets HOT in this ad!


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