The Death Wheelers on a Psychomania Metallic KO from Kansas City to Detroit (and Beyond) – Research Update!

kansas-city-10-13-73-psychomania10-13-73, Kansas City – On that day, The Stooges played the final night of a set of shows at Richards in Atlanta, GA. In Between the 8’th and 13’th, Elton John would arrive on stage in a gorilla suit!

This feeling crept up inside perfectly as I just wanted to find a good way to whip up something that played anywhere around the time of Iggy and The Stooges famed concert at the Michigan Palace on Feb. 9’th and thought about Psychomania – they are perfect together in a Dark Mid 70’s Trip in a way that only playing the album and watching the film can explain (or I can explain later). Seriously, I can imagine those who got into the cult classic that crept through The US through The 70’s being those into killer slam of the Stooges first three albums. Making up for the lack of any playdates in the Metro Detroit area, it showed up on The Ghoul on WXON (20) to start off 1977 at it’s 11 PM slot on Saturday in style in a time when Iggy was about to release two classic albums in that year.

10-19-73 – Waco, TX – On this day, Iggy and The Stooges were at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood/LA. Horror Express would feature as Psychomania’s co-feature.

All coincidence, of course, but too cool to be ignored!


Indiana, PA, 2-8-74 – Sadly at the Circle, there was only room for one ad, Horror Express.

The arrival in Pittsburgh was six days after on 2-15-74, when Iggy and The Stooges went full stop for a long time.

The arrival in Pittsburgh was six days after on 2-15-74
It’s all coincidence, of course, but the trip is mind blowing, don’t you think?


5-10-74, Ft. Meyers Florida – another find of any ad featuring the actual ad instead of a mention. This was a little after the recording of this rocker.

toledo11-1-74psychomania11-1-74 – Reportedly The Stooges played at this theater on 11-10-73 and the place would close up shortly after this circa April, 1975 as it reportedly refused an offer to go Porno. It turned into a church instead.

As of September, 1974, the film would show under it’s original title on TV in California and the famed Death of Glitter show that Iggy appeared on was on Oct. 9, 1974.

In 1976, Metallic KO would slip into the Underground Rock scene working it’s own kind of magic.


3-12-76, La Curces, NM – The Death Wheelers would ride free here and there on the screen up until 1978, or maybe later. Around this time, Iggy and David Bowie would unite as friends on the way to creating some of the greatest music released in 1977 starting with The Idiot.

1-1-77 – The legendary arrival of Psychomania on The Ghoul in Detroit. In a time when some of the city’s more intense music listeners were once again checking out The Stooges albums thanks to their influence in what was happening, it was perfect!


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