Putting the Dot Dash on Sex! Censored Ads in Detroit

5-26-72, Detroit at the Atlas, Mel, and 6 Mile Unholy Trinity

Although there were quite a few Adult Movie ads that got away with mentioning the word Sex in the Detroit papers, it seemed that the editor thought that any mention of that word would send someone straight to Hell.

The inspiration for the title was from the title of this song…

8-7-71, Detroit – Another Mel/6 Mile showing with the Kramer Theater just East of the Greystone.


4-5-74, Detroit – A film that seriously could not be made and shown like this in public today!


1-22-71, Detroit – Even an acclaimed film like the Sex of Angels got this treatment?!!!


5-13-70, Detroit – Hey, wait a minute, this is EDUCATIONAL! Sadly, this sis not break the restraints on that word starting with S.

11-2-73 – An Adult comedy about the making of a “Sex and Astrology” film featured Jennifer Wells and an ape suit.


8-2-74, The Cinex Downtown had some trouble with the title, but it sounds like it’s an interesting one!


11-8-74 – The Atlas theater was know for hosting a number of Adult films before it joined up with the Las Vegas Entertainment company playing the 3/3/3 routine for a while. The censored word was on the Lido’s ad.


10-3-75 – Come on! EVERYONE was doing The Hustle! Ray Dennis Steckler’s sleaze flick at the Six Mile.


~ by screen13 on October 17, 2016.

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