The Beauty (Blue Velvet), the Beast (Cannibal Holocaust), and The Bark (Burial Ground) – 9-19-86

I have a feeling that this is going to be the start of a very interesting dark trip in time.

Philadelphia, 9-19-86 – Like it or lump it, Cannibal Holocaust will always be a film that’s talked about, discussed and debated. The never-ending search for Stateside showings outside the New York City area in 1985 will more than likely be very few, but any find will be of interest. This time around, this has a more detailed listing of theaters that contains those I have mentioned in the previous post about these finds.

At this time in Exploitation history, the kinds of theaters that the Stateside CH Distributor Larry Joachim worked best with was an extinct species for the most part. Best known to genre fanatics for his releases of Bruce Lee’s Screen Test, various Kung Fu movies, and finally Ruggero Deodato’s epic film, Joachim possibly did not play it outside of the New York-PA-New Jersey-Delaware area. In a genre that saw very limited US success at it’s height, it was not surprising at all, and you could say that this might be a perfect time to call it An End of an Era.

Putting these ads together is seriously connecting the films we love or at least watch into a more complete picture. The search for the real end of an era for classic Exploitation will always be up for a debate as some fans go as far back as 1976, others maybe heading to 1983 or 4 depending on the view of the watcher. For me, the appearance of CH alone is a perfect closure thanks to some of the other happenings in the movie scene with a very long epilogue complete with Charles Band films and some other films that actually had some theater in a list that’s up to 1990.

Just to bring you back to the day in focus, another film was making news at the same time. Blue Velvet!



9-19-86, Chicago –  David Lynch’s classic of classics featuring Dennis Hopper in one of his finest performances that connected with all fans of extreme cinema for it’s brilliance. It also played the Detroit area as well!


On that same day, Detroit got a classic Film Concept Group package of The Craving (the Paul Naschy classic Night of the Werewolf), the very low budget mayhem of Guardian of Hell (best known as The Other Hell), and the all mighty zombie-feast Burial Ground featuring the one and only Peter Bark. Even if Detroit did not get Deodato’s film, it at least got the breast munch of all time – and to some, I’m sure that was the preferred way to go.

On 9-20, the British Indie Singles chart had the appearance of Swans’ “A Screw (Holy Money)” which was a Top 10 (#4 peak on one). Most importantly it was from Holy Money, an album that was a major influence on bands like Godflesh, Tool, and Sunn O))).  While I’m on this trip, it would be great to have some fitting music to go with it.

More research will be done on this day and week. This seems to be a very interesting trip.

This You Tube video features a perfect visual and a mix from the title track single 12 Inch.


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