Teenage Gang Debs – Research Update With the Motors Running (both Harley and Honda)



11-11-66 Greenville, SC – To add onto the history of Teenage Gang Debs, here’s a great find focusing on the appearance of Diane Conti in person. In a sharp contrast to her gritty street gang girl image in the classic film, she’s adapted more of a Mod style while promoting Honda although there was certainly hardly any nice people in the flick.

For some music of the day, this classic by the Music Machine was hitting the Detroit scene and makes a cool fit. On the WKNR chart, this went up to #12, but this is certainly a #1 on my chart.


7-19-68, Louisville – “Damn kids want to rule the world!” indeed! This showing of Teenage Gang Debs is sandwiched between two other classics of the day – Wild in the Streets and Riot on Sunset Strip. While Wild… was the only then-recent film of the set with Riot… being early 1967 and TGD being late ’66, everything had the same flow.

The call to rebellion of that day was Steppenwolf”s classic.


~ by screen13 on October 16, 2016.

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